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Before starting your trading journey, it is important that you have a demat account with a renowned stockbroker. And the main criteria a person observes before choosing a stockbroker is to check its brokerage charges. If you are looking to start your trading journey with Choice Broking, then here is a detailed article about Choice Broking Brokerage. 

Choice Broking is a full-service broker and lets you trade in the equity, commodity, currency, and derivatives segment. The brokerage plans are minimal and are suitable for a variety of traders. 

Let us have a quick look at the brokerage charges for different segments that Choice Broking provides. 

Choice Broking Brokerage Charges 

Brokerage charges are levied by the broker on every trade that you perform in the stock market. Often, the stockbrokers’ levy different brokerage for the different segments, and the same is the case with Choice Broking as well. 

In the upcoming sections, we will talk about Choice Broking Brokerage in the following segments. 

  • Intraday charges 
  • Delivery charges 
  • Commodity charges 
  • Currency charges 
  • Futures brokerage 
  • Options brokerage

Choice Broking has a standard plan that is applied to every trader that opens a Choice Broking demat account

Along with the brokerage charges, there are other Choice Broking charges involved as well. These charges include STT charges, transaction charges, GST, SEBI charges, etc. 

Choice Broking Intraday Charges

For traders who look for earning short-term benefits from the stock market, intraday trading is the best pick. The idea behind intraday trading is to earn more benefits in a shorter span of time. 

Therefore, a lot of traders often aim to look for low intraday brokerage charges so that they don’t have to spend a lot. However, the Choice Broking intraday brokerage is 0.02% of your total turnover. 

Therefore, your brokerage will depend on your gains or loss in the market. 


Sonia purchased  80 shares of ABC company for ₹200/share. On the other hand, she sold the same 80 shares for ₹400/share. Let us understand this with the help of an example. 

Total turnover= ₹16000+32000= ₹48000

The brokerage charges, in this case, will be,  0.02% of ₹48,000= ₹9.6

Choice Broking Delivery Charges 

The goals of every person in the stock market differ from one another and therefore some people enter the stock market with the intention of investing. If you are also looking to invest in the long term, it is important for you to know the Choice Broking delivery charges. 

Choice Broking charges 0.2% as their delivery charges. 


Let us now assume that Sonia did delivery trading instead of selling and buying the shares on the same day.  The total turnover was ₹48,000 and according to the Choice Broking brokerage, she would have to pay, 0.2% of ₹48,000, which is ₹96. 

Choice Broking Option Brokerage 

Lately, the popularity of options trading is on the rise. Where traders often worry about using the right option trading strategies, they also look for the right brokerage plan for themselves. 

The Choice Broking Option brokerage charges are as follows:


Options trading is only done in lots, therefore the brokerage charges are also levied according to per lot.

For example, if you bought 2 lots from XYZ company, then you will be charged ₹50 as a brokerage in the equity brokerage option. 

Choice Broking Futures Brokerage 

Similar to options trading, Choice Broking also lets you trade in futures using their various trading platforms. The brokerage charges for the futures trading in Choice Broking are summarised in the table below. 

Choice Broking charges 0.02% brokerage in equity, currency, and commodity futures. 


Choice Broking Commodity Charges 

If you are trading in the commodity segment, then you can also do commodity trading in different commodities like crude oil, gold, silver, and all the other agri and non-agri products. You can trade commodities in the f&o segment and the charges for the same are as follows. 


Choice Broking Currency Charges 

Not only in the commodities, but Choice Broking also lets you trade in the currency segment. If you are looking to trade in the currency segment, then you should be aware that this too happens in the f&o segment.

The Choice Broking currency charges are as follows. 


Choice Broking Brokerage Calculator 

There are many times when the traders get stuck calculating the brokerage charges. To make the whole calculation easy, you can also use the Choice Broking brokerage calculator. You just have to enter the buying price, selling price, state, and quantity. 

You will get the details of not only the brokerage charges but also the other charges that we often miss. This makes the work very convenient and you can easily estimate your expense. 


Whenever you step into the trading world, it is important that you are aware of the brokerage charges of the broker. It not only increases the reliability but also gives you a detailed idea of what exactly you will bear for your every trade. 

If you are convinced with the Choice Broking brokerage, then it is the right time to open your demat account!

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