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Are you thinking about opening a demat account with Choice Broking? If yes, then it is an added advantage for you if you are accustomed to the Choice Broking charges. In this article, we will cover all the basic charges charged by the broker.  

So, let’s begin. 

Choice Broking Charges List 

Choice Broking is a full-service broker, but it is fascinating that it guarantees you minimal charges. For example, when you take admission to a school, you are charged with different fees like tuition fees, transportation fees, lab fees, etc. 

Similarly, various charges come along when you start your trading with a stockbroker using their platform. A lot of people are accustomed to the brokerage charges, but there are other charges as well. 

In this article, we will talk about the following charges. 

Let us begin by discussing the Choice Broking demat account charges. 

Choice Broking Demat Account Charges

If you want to begin your trading journey and make a mark in the stock market, it is essential that you open a demat account. When you open a demat account with Choice Broking, there are certain charges are levied. These charges are, 

  • Account Opening charges 
  • AMC charges 

Let us look at these charges in detail. 

Choice Broking Account Opening Charges

Whenever you open an account with a stockbroker, there is a possibility that you will be charged some account opening charges. This is similar to the entry fees or one-time subscription fees. 

Choice Broking, unlike many other brokers, does not charge any account opening fees. You can easily log in to the Choice Broking website and open your Choice Broking demat account for free!


Choice Broking AMC Charges

Apart from the account opening charges, there are some maintenance charges as well that are applied to your demat account. These are the account maintenance charges or the AMC charges that are levied to maintain your demat account. 

There are various AMC plans that are available in Choice Broking. The first year AMC of Choice Broking is free, and the charges are levied from the second year onwards. 


The most critical charges are the brokerage charges, and many traders struggle to find the broker with the lowest brokerage charges in India

Choice Broking Brokerage 

Choice Broking serves as one of the brokers that give its clients the advantage of minimal brokerage and also other cost-effective and great trading platforms. From intraday to delivery and derivatives segments the brokerage charges are as low as 0.02% of the turnover value. 

So if you do a trade of let’s say ₹1,00,000 you will be charged with the brokerage of ₹20.

But as already known there are some other charges as well along with the brokerage charges, that increase the overall fees imposed on your trade.

So, let’s quickly have a look at the overall fees charged on trading in a particular segment.

Choice Broking Intraday Charges

Intraday trading or day trading is a popular way of trading amongst the stock market enthusiastic. Choice Broking charges 0.02% brokerage for the equity segment. There are other charges as well that are levied on the intraday trades. The details for the same are as follows. 

Suppose Raghav purchased 100 shares for ₹200 each and sold the same for ₹220. In this case, the total turnover is ₹42,000. The brokerage levied on this will be 0.02% of ₹42,000. Therefore, the brokerage will be ₹8.4. The 0.02% is on the turnover. Let us understand this with the help of an example. 

Choice Broking Delivery Charges 

If an investor is looking for long-term investments then the delivery segment is the perfect catch. The Choice Broking delivery charges are 0.2% of the total turnover. The details of the charges are given below.


If we take the case of Raghav again, then his total turnover was ₹42,000. If the trading was done in the delivery segment, then the brokerage would have been 0.2% of ₹42,000, that is, ₹84. 

Choice Broking Option Brokerage 

The derivatives segment is also gaining adequate popularity in recent times. The Choice Broking option brokerage is given as follows. 

Similar to options, there is a futures trading segment as well. You can trade in equities, commodities, and currencies segments. The brokerage and other charges for the same are given as follows.

Choice Broking Futures Brokerage 


Choice Broking Commodity Charges 

The commodity segment involves trading commodities like crude oil, silver, and other agricultural products. The brokerage charges for the same are given as follows. 


Choice Broking Currency Charges 

Similar to the commodity segment, you can trade in commodities in the f&o segment. The brokerage charges for the same are as follows. 


Choice Broking DP Charges

Apart from all the charges mentioned above, there are some additional hidden charges as well. These charges are known as the DP charges or the depository participant charges. These charges are not mentioned in the contract note, therefore, the investors often remain confused about this additional cost. 

The Choice Broking DP charges are as follows. 

Case 1- You sold all the 10 shares of TCS on Monday and 20 shares of Infosys as well. The total DP charges, in this case, will be ₹20. 
Let us understand this with the help of an example. Suppose you bought 10 shares of TCS and 20 shares of Infosys. 

Case 2- You sold 5 shares of Infosys on Monday and the rest on Tuesday. You will be charged ₹20 as your DP charges. 

Case 3- You sold 8 shares of TCS on Monday at 10 AM and the rest 2 at 12 AM. In this case, you will be charged DP only once, i.e, ₹10. 

Choice Broking Transaction Charges 

Apart from the broker, the stock exchanges also levy some charges on the trades that you execute. These are known as transaction charges. The Choice Broking transaction charges are as follows.


Choice Broking Charges Calculator 

Often at times, people get confused about calculating the brokerage charges as there are other charges included in the brokerage charges as well. But to resolve the issue, you can also take the help of the Choice Broking charges calculator to make it a smooth experience for yourself. 

You just need to enter the buying price, the selling price, quantity, and state, and then click on submit. You will get not only the brokerage charges but also the other charges. 


The charges are an important aspect whenever you are opening a demat account with any of the stockbrokers. Once you know the various charges involved with your demat account and your trade, you can easily figure out which stockbroker you need to opt for your stock market journey. 

If you want to start your trading journey with Choice Broking, then open your demat account today!

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