ICICI Direct Prepaid Brokerage Plan

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If you are looking for the opportunity to connect with the ICICI Direct with the discounted brokerage plan, then why not choose the Prepaid Plan? Aren’t you aware of it? If so, then there is no need to fret as this informative piece will cover all the necessary parameters or factors of the Prepaid Brokerage Plan. 

To understand the same, let’s dive into the following segments.

ICICIDirect Prepaid Brokerage Plan Review

To understand what basically is the ICICI Direct prepaid brokerage plan, let’s gather the data, knowledge, and information under the segment. 

Basically, the ICICI Direct prepaid brokerage plan reduces the brokerage by 18% to 84% under all the products and also saves the transaction fee depending on the type of plan selected.

Moreover, the plan comes up with validity that remains for the lifetime for up to 15 years. And the traders can efficiently utilize the brokerage till the plan gets exhausted.

ICICI Direct Prepaid Brokerage Plan Charges

In the case of buying any plan, be it a mobile recharge plan, TV plan, the very important factor always remains the same, i.e. What will be the Charges? 

It is important to pen down that the broker charges the subscription fee of ₹5000 to ₹15000 with a validity of 15 years.

Hence, under ICICI Direct prepaid brokerage plan, your following query might be revolving around the charges to trade in different segments. Isn’t it? 

If so, then without wasting a minute, let’s check the following table that discusses the ICICI Direct account opening charges for prepaid brokerage plan. 

The interesting fact of the plan is that a trader would not have to pay a penny for opening a demat account with ICICI Direct Prepaid Plan.

After such details of the charges, the most informative and eye-catchy fee remains brokerage. Therefore to get the details over the ICICI Direct prepaid plan brokerage charges, check the following table:

So, yes, the brokerage will be charged in percentage with the ICICI Direct Prepaid Brokerage Plan. 

So by choosing the prepaid brokerage plan you can reduce the brokerage charges to as low as 0.009% in intraday trading and further can trade in the futures and options at the flat fees of 20 per trade.  You can choose to learn the complete ICICI Direct Option brokerage details as well, we have everything sorted out for you at A Digital Blogger.

Finding it economical and beneficial so here is the way how to activate this plan. 

How to Select Prepaid Brokerage Plan in ICICIDirect? 

After getting the gist of the ICICI Direct prepaid brokerage plan, if you are curious to go with the plan to proceed further in enjoying the benefits, then why not subscribe or activate the plan now?

Well, there are a few other brokerage plans offered by this stockbroker such as ICICI Direct Prime Plan and ICICI Direct Neo, but which one is best for you? What is the exact procedure to go ahead and pick a plan?

Well, if you aren’t aware of the procedure, then do not fret and look at the below-mentioned steps and perform likewise. 

  • Go to the official website of ICICI Direct and log in.
  • Go to the ‘Setting’ icon and click on ‘My Brokerage Plans’.

  • From the next window, select ‘Prepaid Plan’ along with the preferred subscription fee with whom you want to buy the plan.
  •  At last, click on ‘Change’, and the Prepaid plan will get activated.

Note:  It is important to pen down that if the request is raised before 3:30 pm, the plan will get activated on the same day. But if the request is submitted after the mentioned time, the plan will be activated on the next trading day.

ICICI Direct Prepaid Brokerage Plan Benefits 

Being a human, it is always right to look at the advantage of the product in which you will be investing. Therefore, before moving ahead with the stockbroker and the ICICI Direct prepaid brokerage plan, let’s discuss the benefits or pros of the plan. 

To check the same, let’s consider the following information. 

  • By selling shares within 30 minutes, a trader can get a payout of up to ₹1 crore.
  • A trader receives the lookup tenure for seven days, where he can either continue or discontinue the plan.
  • With 8.90% per annum, a trader can enjoy the facility of buying and paying later.
  • The trader gets the options where he can raise the ticket to get the unused amount after a year as a refund.

Just after getting the benefits of the ICICI Direct prepaid brokerage plan, why not get a quick sneak peek at the terms and conditions of the plan. For that, let’s dive into the following information.

  • During the validity of the plan, a trader can use the brokerage at any time.
  • As mentioned, the refund of the unutilised brokerage can be taken after a year completed from the date when the plan was subscribed.
  • During the validity period, the balance that is being available in the ICICI Direct prepaid brokerage plan’s account will be non-transferable.
  • Under the ICICI Direct prepaid brokerage plan, there is no interest that is to be paid.
  • What if you have subscribed for the Option 195 plan too? In this situation, the option trade will be levied as per the Option 195 plan. 


With the ICICI Direct prepaid brokerage plan, a trader can have the opportunity to trade with the lesser brokerage fee for a lifetime. 

Apart from this, get an advantage to using the bullet plan. Why wait for more then? Open the demat account with ICICI Direct today and enjoy the prepaid plan of the broker to trade efficiently.

Hence, trade more with ICICI Direct Prepaid Plan.

Happy Trading!!

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