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Intraday trading allows you to maximize your profit by enabling you to open and close one or multiple positions in a day. However, the high brokerage fees impact the profit percentage; hence, it is crucial to check brokerage fees. Here is the detail of Dhan intraday charges.

Dhan is a discount broker that comes with many different benefits and advanced trading apps. Along with the technical indicators and charts, it smoothens the overall trade experience of its customers.

So, if you are willing to use its services, look at the intraday charges charged by a broker.

Dhan Intraday Brokerage Charges

Being a discount broker, Dhan brokerage for intraday is flat ₹20 per trade. However, the minimum brokerage charged by a broker is equal to 0.03%.

This means if the intraday trade value is equal to less than ₹66,000 then the brokerage charges will be less than ₹20 and charged on the basis of turnover value.

Here is the detail of Dhan intraday charges:

Dhan Intraday Taxes

Along with brokerage, there are few taxes imposed on the trade. This includes STT charges, SEBI turnover fees and other taxes. Unlike brokerage charges, these charges are calculated on the basis of trade value.

The detail of intraday taxes in Dhan is given in the table below:


Dhan Intraday Auto Square Off Charges

When you choose to do intraday trading in the Dhan app, then it is important to close all your positions before the market closes to avoid penalty charges called auto square off charges.

In case you failed to square off your position on time, the broker executes the trade and you need to pay ₹20 additional to brokerage charges.

Here is the detail of auto-square off charges in Dhan:

Dhan Brokerage Calculator

Now, we discussed the Dhan intraday brokerage charges along with applicable taxes. All these charges are mentioned in the contract note, however if you want to calculate the fees before executing the trade, then you can use the Dhan brokerage calculator.

The calculator not only provides you brokerage detail but also the taxes and other fees.


Dhan intraday charges are quite minimal. In all the broker is emerging to offer experience both in terms of advanced trading app and brokerage charges. If you are thinking to open a demat account then check other parameters as well.

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