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Choosing the right stockbroker for yourself requires you to consider several factors. Among these, brokerage and benefits are on the top of the list. In this article, we will introduce you to the Kotak Securities Brokerage Plans and their benefits. 

Kotak Securities, a full-service broker comes with four brokerage plans distinctively designed to serve the interests of different groups of investors and traders. If you are looking to open a Kotak Demat Account then it is crucial to check out all the Kotak Securities Brokerage Plans. As it will assist you in deciding which plan is the most suitable for you.

Kotak Securities Brokerage Plans 2022

This is something the USP of the full-service stockbrokers. No doubt it charges comparative higher fees from its clients but at the same time, it provides multiple options to its clients by offering them different brokerage plans.

Most of traders and investors are aware of the trade-free plan and zero brokerage plan but apart from these two, the broker has two more plans for its clients. Here is the complete list of Kotak Securities brokerage plans:

  • Kotak Securities Trade Free Plan 
  • Kotak Securities Zero Brokerage Plan 
  • Kotak Securities Trade Free Max Plan
  • Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted Plan 

Now to activate any of these plans you need to pay certain subscription charges. We will discuss all these plans in detail

Kotak Trade Free Plan

Brokerage is always a burden on investors and traders, especially for day traders. As they have to pay brokerage several times in a single trading day. 

Kotak Securities’ trade-free plan is designed to ease off the burden of brokerage, especially from intraday traders.

In this plan, the broker does not charge any brokerage for intraday orders in all applicable segments, including Equity, Commodity, Currency and F&O. Seems fascinating, right?

On top of that, one has to bear competitive brokerage charges on equity delivery and carry forward in all other segments.

In this plan, you can not enjoy the benefit of an online presence. Therefore, in case you wish to trade through an assisted dealer, you’ll have to bear some additional charges.

Let’s have a look at some of the key features of the Kotak Securities trade-free plan –

    • No limit on the number of intraday trades one can carry, which means you can enjoy unlimited free Intraday orders.
    • Lifetime subscription for a one-time fee of ₹499 + GST
    • The subscribers of this plan get access to in-depth market research and some cool investment opportunities.

Free access to Kotak Trinity Account under which you can reap the benefit of a 3-in-1 account, consisting of demat, trading and bank account.

The trade-free plan is of considerable significance for both traders and investors. 

Have a detailed look at the brokerage charges of this plan – 


Other than the brokerage, there are some additional charges and taxes such as STT, SEBI charges, GST, Stamp duty, etc will also be levied.

As you may know, the brokers also charge account maintenance fees in exchange for the services they provide you. Well, Kotak Securities AMC charges in this plan are ₹50 per month.

If you already have a Kotak demat account then you can log in on the Kotak securities and visit the ‘New Products’ page to activate this plan.

Kotak Securities Zero Brokerage Plan

The next tempting scheme in the list of Kotak securities brokerage plans is the Zero Brokerage Plan. This one provides investors and traders who are less than 30 years of age with the privilege of free brokerage across all segments. 

That’s right! Individuals who are younger than 30 years can trade and invest in all the applicable segments without having to bear brokerage.


Kotak securities account opening for this plan is also free of cost. However, you will have to pay ₹499+GST as the subscription fee. Furthermore, the subscription will have to be renewed every year for ₹499+GST

Please note, that the zero brokerage plan will be valid for two years only, afterwards, you will be shifted to the trade-free plan.

Now, let’s throw some light on the key features of a zero brokerage plan:

  • Zero brokerage on all trading orders across all the segments – equity, futures, options, currency, and commodity, only for people under 30 years of age.
  • Free access to the premium courses on Elearnmarkets to gather knowledge about the financial markets.
  • StockEdge premium quarterly membership for proficient research and analysis.
  • Free Kotak Demat Account
  • Free vouchers worth ₹1998, all of this by paying just ₹499+GST annually. 

Although brokerage is lifted in this plan, the traders and investors will have to bear the mandatory taxes, DP, and regulatory charges.

Apart from that, the individuals will also have to bear ₹50 per month as Account Maintenance charges.

Other than this, if you wish to place an order through an expert, service executive, or assisted dealer, you will have to incur an additional brokerage charge of ₹49 per executed order.

Kotak Securities Trade Free Max Plan

This plan is exclusively crafted for the investors and traders who seek to take bigger positions but do not have the funds. With the trade-free max plan, you get an opportunity to boost your buying power up to 4 times by using the margin trading facilities at the most reasonable interest rates. 

The major benefit of this plan is the additional margin for leveraging your investments and increasing your profits.

But, aren’t you wondering if there’s a catch? Well, there definitely is. Anyways as we all know, nothing of quality comes for free.

Given this, an individual will have to embrace ₹2499+GST p.a. as a subscription fee to this plan. This amount will be debited from your account annually, once you take your first position using the Margin Trading facility (MTF).


Now, let’s have a quick look at the main features of this plan –

  • Margin trading facility at 8.75% interest p.a.
  • Zero Brokerage fee on all intraday orders across all segments
  • Brokerage refund of up to ₹4128 including GST for the next 90 days.
  • 3-in-one Kotak trinity account.

The Kotak Securities brokerage charges and AMC in this plan are similar to the basic Trade free plan. Therefore, all carry forward orders with F&O, commodity and currency will incur ₹20 as a flat fee per executed order. Along with that equity delivery will cost you 0.25% or ₹20 whichever is less than the turnover value. While AMC would be ₹50 per month.

Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted Plan

This plan fosters the literal features and services of a full-service broker. It is specially crafted for those who prefer an old-school broker experience with proficient assistance from the dealer and an optimum offline presence.

The account opening charge associated with this plan is ₹499+GST, which is a one-time fee.

In this, you get a designated dealer, executive, or associate who works as your personal advisor. You can discuss, plan and strategize your investments with him/ her.

Let’s discuss some of the prime features of the Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted plan –

  • A dedicated dealer qualified with the utmost knowledge and information about the market.
  • Call and trade facility
  • A relationship manager to assist you with day-to-day affairs of investing and trading.]
  • Proficient research and analysis across the stock market to generate cool investing opportunities.
  • Highly competitive brokerage charges
  • Additional margin relative to the value of your holdings
  • Portfolio management

The brokerage charges associated with this plan are vastly different from other plans, therefore, have a thorough look at the following –


Other than brokerage, the traders and investors will have to bear the mandatory taxes, DP and regulatory charges.

The subscribers of this plan still get to place and modify orders through an online platform. Along with that one can check all the orders placed offline on the online platform.


Kotak securities bring four different plans with each of them designated to cater to the needs of a specific group of investors and traders. The full-service broker has strengthened its position as one of the leading brokers in India by diversifying its services.

All of the Kotak Securities Brokerage plans are curated with special features to serve the requirements of their clients. Pick the one that seems to be beneficial and matches your trading style. 

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