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Every investor is often concerned about the brokerage that will be charged. If you want to know about the Kotak Securities brokerage, then you have reached the right place. 

Being a full-service broker, it is often thought that the levied brokerage charges will be comparatively high. But, in the case of Kotak Securities, you can pick and choose the plans according to your needs and pocket. 

So, you get the chance of availing the services of a full-service broker but at better pricing. Let us unveil all the Kotak Securities brokerage details in the upcoming sections. 

Kotak Securities Brokerage Charges

Brokerage charges are levied by the stockbrokers on every executed order. When you successfully complete a trade, a minor chunk of the fees goes to the broker. In the case of full-service brokers, the brokerage is said to be comparatively high. 

But Kotak Securities claims to offer the lowest brokerage charges in India. The Kotak brokerage charges also differ from segment to segment. Let us now look at what are the brokerage charges of Kotak securities for different segments. 

Kotak Securities Delivery Brokerage Charges

Many beginners opt for long-term investment and thus it is essential for them to know about the delivery brokerage fees. The brokerage for the equity delivery segment varies according to the plan. 


Let us understand this with the help of an example. Rahul did a trade of ₹10,000. So there will be different brokerage on different plans.

  • In the fixed brokerage plan, he will be charged 0.5% of 10,000 = ₹50
  • In the Trade Free Plan, the brokerage will be 0.25% of 10,000= ₹25

Kotak Securities Intraday Charges 

The broker comes with an exclusive benefit and offers for intraday traders. The Trade Free Plan offers relaxation to day traders from paying any fees and thus you can trade without paying any brokerage to the broker. 

The complete details of the brokerage are tabulated below:


Just to stick to the regulatory measures, a minimal amount of 1 paisa per scrip is charged on intraday trading. 

Kotak Commodity Brokerage Charges

Kotak securities gives you a chance to trade in commodities as well. The Kotak commodity brokerage charges are listed as follows:


Kotak Securities Currency Brokerage Charges

With the use of various strategies, a lot of traders invest in different forms of currencies. The brokerage charges of trading in the different currencies are as given below. 


Kotak Securities Option Brokerage

The option is a form of derivatives and used to minimize the risk. A lot of people trade in options contracts. The Kotak Securities derivatives brokerage differs in such cases. The Kotak Securities brokerage charges for options are: 


Kotak Securities Futures Brokerage

The brokerage charges of trading in futures differ from the others. The Kotak Securities futures brokerage is tabulated below:


Kotak Securities Brokerage Plans

Imagine sitting at a restaurant with all your friends and ordering only non-vegetarian food, knowing that some of them don’t consume it. Sounds biased right?

Similar is the case with traders. Why should someone pick the same plan when their segments and needs are different? To make it easier, Kotak Securities has various brokerage plans to meet everybody’s needs. The plans are as follows. 

Standard Brokerage Plan 

As the name makes it clear, it is the default plan that is set by the broker. If you are someone who wants to do delivery trading as well as intraday trading, then this can be the best plan for you. 


Kotak Trade Free Plan

There are some people who often complain about the high brokerage that is charged by the full-service brokers. But that problem is solved with the Kotak trade free plan.

On activation of the plan, you will be charged a ₹0 brokerage for intraday trading. Apart from this, you will be charged a minimum amount on the other segments. 


Kotak FIT Plan

Free intraday trading plan or Kotak FIT plan, is an ideal deal for traders who are focused only on intraday trading. You will have to pay no brokerage for your intraday trade irrespective of the size, volume, or segment of your trade. 

If you are directly connected to Kotak Securities, you can call up customer care and get your plan started. It is only applicable to intraday trading and in the cases of delivery trading, the trader is required to pay the brokerage. 

Kotak Securities Brokerage Example 

Let us understand the concept of the brokerage with the help of an example. Suppose there are two friends, Gitansh and Geetika. 

Suppose they both executed intraday trading but picked up different plans, then their brokerage will be calculated as follows. 

  1. Gitansh is an intraday trader but has not activated the Trade Free Plan. He executed the trade of ₹1,00,000. Now as per the standard plan he paid a brokerage of 0.039%. Hence, the total brokerage was 0.039% of 1,00,000 = ₹39
  2. On the other hand, Geetika has opted for the Trade Free Plan and thus executes multiple trades in a day without paying any brokerage fees. 

Kotak Securities Brokerage Calculator

Although the brokerage for Intraday trade for Geetika is Zero, some amount is debited from her trading account whenever she executes the trade. 

Wondering what are those charges?

Well! Along with the brokerage fees, there are some additional fees charged by the broker. These include, 

Now, to get an idea of the total charges, Geetika used a brokerage calculator like this:


Kotak Securities brokerage charges as stated above is amongst the least offered as they give you an opportunity to trade absolutely free in intraday. We hope that you have got the understanding of the Kotak securities brokerage charges review now and you won’t miss out on any profitable opportunity.

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