Kotak Securities Zero Brokerage Plan

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When you trade-in various segments of the stock market, you have to pay a brokerage charge to your stockbroker regardless of the broker type. Different stockbrokers have different charges and recently a lot of stockbrokers have even waived off the brokerage charges on some segments. But with Kotak Securities’ zero brokerage plan, you can enjoy free brokerage trades even more. 

But what exactly is this zero brokerage plan and who can avail of it? In this article, we will discuss everything about it. 

Kotak Securities Zero Brokerage Plan Review

Kotak securities, the bank-based stockbroker that provides 3-in-1 accounts comes up with various affordable brokerage plans, out of which one is No brokerage plan or zero brokerage plan. 

What is this plan and who can reap the benefit of Kotak Securities’ zero brokerage plan?

Well, this plan is specifically introduced for the young generation who is willing to trade or invest in the stock market. 

Under this plan, a person who is below 30 years of age has to pay zero brokerage fees across different trading segments. 

This means that there is no brokerage charge for Intraday, Delivery, F&O, IPO, and mutual funds. Additionally, the under-30 traders also get the benefit of getting a demat account opened for free and free vouchers worth ₹1998. 

On top of that, they also get access to a couple of learning courses named Elearnmarkets Course and StockEdge Premium Quarterly Membership. 

However, the trader has to pay a minimal annual subscription of ₹499 to avail of all these benefits.

How to Activate Kotak Securities Zero Brokerage Plan? 

The first thing that is required to enjoy the benefits of this plan is to have a demat account with Kotak securities. If you don’t have it already, you can always open a demat account with Kotak securities for free.

If you don’t have a demat account with Kotak Securities, you can open one by following the given steps.  

  • Visit the website and verify your mobile number. 
  • Now add your personal details, including your PAN card and your bank details.
  • For verification, you now have to click a selfie. 
  • Complete the process of e-sign. 

And on completion, you will get access to the No brokerage plan and you can enjoy the trading world without giving any additional charges. 

If you already have a Kotak Securities demat account, you can simply go on the website or the trading app. You now need to go Trade, followed by New Products followed by No brokerage plan. 

You need to click on Subscribe now and then confirm to successfully opt for this plan. Wait! are you thinking is Kotak Securities a discount broker

So, let’s clear this first.

Kotak Securities’ zero brokerage plan comes up with the 2 years validity, post which Kotak trade free plan would be your default brokerage plan.

Kotak Trade Free Plan 

Now the above-defined zero brokerage plan is for users who are less than 30 years and only for two years, but what does the broker offer for one with an age above 30 years?

For them, Kotak Securities come up with the Trade Free Plan under which there are no charges for intraday trading. For another trading segment, the brokerage is on the basis of turnover value with the minimum cap of ₹20 per trade. 

Let’s now have a quick look at the difference in the charges of both plans. 

Kotak securities Zero Brokerage Plan vs Trade Free Plan

Even though both plans serve the common purpose of reducing the brokerage cost for the traders, there are some significant differences between the two plans. 

Kotak Securities Zero Brokerage Plan Additional Charges

Under this plan, most of the brokerage charges are free but you as a trader, still need to pay a few charges. Let’s look at some of the additional charges under this plan. 

  • Margin Trading Facility interest rate: 12.49% per annum 
  • Kotak Securities DP charges: The higher value between 0.04% of the total amount generated and ₹ 20 
  • Pledge request charges for margin trading: ₹20 per ISIN 
  • The remaining other charges will be the same as they have been described in the Kotak Securities Trade free plan. 

Kotak Securities Zero Brokerage Plan Terms & Conditions 

Now every benefit comes with certain terms and conditions and so does the zero brokerage plan of Kotak Securities. Here are some of the conditions applied: 

  • The plan is not applicable for the employees of Kotak securities or the Non-Resident Indians or the offline customers or the customers who have subscribed to the advanced brokerage plans. 
  • This zero brokerage plan is valid for 2 years after which the trading plan switches to Trade Free Plan.
  • The plan is only applicable for people who are less than 30 years of age but once you subscribe to this plan, it will continue for the next 2 years even if you turn 30 shortly. 

Kotak securities Zero Brokerage Plan Benefits 

As said above, Kotak Securities aims to bring more and more young customers with its zero brokerage plan. The plan has several benefits for traders that are below 30 years of age. 

  • Free demat account to begin with
  • Zero brokerage charge on the trading across segments, be it Equity intraday, delivery Future, and Options. 
  • Free vouchers worth ₹1998 
  • Access to Kotak Securities market study programs 


If you are someone in an age group below 30 and looking to kickstart your journey as a trader then, Kotak securities provides you with the perfect launchpad with its zero brokerage plan. 

This plan is not only going to save you the brokerage cost on trading by making an annual investment of ₹499 but also, with the various study programs, you get to learn new and useful things that are going to make you a more skillful trader.

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