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Are you interested in trading in the derivatives segment of Kotak Securities? Then you should be aware of the Kotak Securities Futures brokerage. 

Kotak Securities is a full-service broker but the launch of the Kotak Securities Trade free plan has made trading easy and affordable for all traders. You can now trade in the futures trading segment at a minimal cost with the broker. 

If you are interested in indulging in futures trading with Kotak Securities, then the brokerage charges are listed below. 



Let us understand this with the assistance of an example.

Mr. Verma wanted to do futures trading so he bought 100 shares and has a turnover of ₹1,00,000 in equity futures.

In the case of the standard plan, the brokerage charges will be: 0.039% of 1,00,000= ₹39, whereas in the case of the trade free plan, it will be flat ₹20 only. This is for the simple reason that the latter plan does not have any dependency on the turnover value while the former does.

Kotak Securities Futures Calculator

You know what? Let’s make your life even easier. Why don’t you actually calculate your brokerage through the brokerage calculator functionality we have, here at A Digital Blogger.

There is a possibility that you calculate the brokerage but turn a blind eye towards the other charges. 

These charges include stt charges, transaction charges, GST, and stamp duty charges. If you want to have a clear idea about the brokerage charges, you can take the help of the Kotak Securities futures brokerage calculator. 

All you have to do is select your segment, enter the buy price, sell price, number of shares, and the name of the state. On entering these details, you will get the complete list of the charges that you will have to pay on your futures trade. 

For your better understanding, below is a screenshot attached:


Kotak securities is already on its way to leave an impeccable mark in the world of stockbrokers. It gives users to trade in derivatives by imposing the minimum brokerage fees. 

Now you must be well aware of the futures brokerage charges that are levied by Kotak Securities. Be aware and make the best decision!

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