Option Trading Charges in JM Financial


Options trading is one of the most profitable yet riskiest trading segments in the stock market. That is why you should choose a stock broker like JM Financial Service which provides trading advisory along with affordable option trading charges. To get started let’s grab complete information on option trading charges in JM Financial. 

JM Financial Option Brokerage Charges 

Options can be traded in the equity, commodity, and currency segments. The charges for all these segments are calculated on the basis of lot size. Let’s get into the detail to understand JM Financial Brokerage in options trading.

In all, for buying an options contract of the company having a lot size of 50 shares and one with 500 shares you have to pay the same brokerage charges.

JM Financial is a full-service stockbroker that charges fees equal to ₹25 per lot in all three segments. 


Let’s understand how is this calculated. Suppose you buy 2 lots of NIFTY using JM Financial trading app. Here the brokerage per lot is ₹25, so the total brokerage excluding taxes is ₹50. 

JM Financial Brokerage Calculator

Including charges on options trading a trader has to pay some other charges which usually are not noticed by traders but they appear on the final settlement receipt.

These charges include Transaction charges taken by BSE and NSE, charges by market regulator SEBI, GST imposed by the Indian govt on SEBI charge, transaction fee and brokerage. 

As per the NSE and MCX data following are the additional charges that are to be paid in the form of tax.

  • SEBI charges 0.00015% of the e turnover value. In the case of option buying, it is the premium on which all these charges are being charged.
  • Transaction charges: 0.00345% on premium
  • Stamp Duty Charges: 0.002% of the Premium
  • STT Charges: 0.25% on sell-side
  • GST: 18% (brokerage+transaction charges)

To ease this complex understanding of the option trading charges in JM Financial here is the digital calculator that makes it easier for beginners and other traders to calculate fees and other taxes associated with trading.


Options trading is a lucrative trade segment of the Indian stock market. It involves high risk but if done with the advisory of a good stock broker it can pay immense returns to traders.

JM Finacial is such a full-service broker which will provide you with an advisory as well as allow you to do option trading with its trading platform for a very affordable brokerage.

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