5paisa Power Investor Pack

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5paisa is a discount broker, but to offer better and additional services benefits it comes up with the 5paisa Power investor pack. 

With the launch of the Power Investor pack, many traders and investors are keen to open a Demat account with this discount broker

This could happen because the 5paisa charges under this plan are just ₹10 per order; which is significantly lower than other brokers. 

So, in addition to the 5paisa free Demat account opening, one can avail of the lowest and affordable brokerage too! 

Let’s discuss the 5paisa brokerage under Power Investor Pack. 

5paisa Power Investor Pack Review

Along with a flat fee amount of ₹10 per order, 5paisa Demat account holders get other benefits too. But before talking about them, let’s have a close look at different charges associated with 5paisa brokerage plans activation:


GST @18% will be applicable.

Hence, for each segment(equity, commodity, currency, derivatives) the brokerage charges imposed on every trade will be ₹10 per order.

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5Paisa Power Investor Pack Features

Now the benefits of the Power Investor pack are not limited to brokerage. You can reap many more advantages by subscribing to this plan like:

  • Free Research services to the long and short-term traders. 
  • Free subscription of 5paisa Swing Trader product worth ₹1600/month where one can get daily stock recommendations and timely communication for placing orders. 
  • Free subscription of 5paisa Smart Investor product worth ₹1600/month where one can get extensive research services on over 4000 stocks. 
  • Free Model Portfolio for new clients. 
  • Advanced and customized portfolio analysis. 
  • Daily Market Outlook
  • Track your portfolio and create a benchmark. 

In addition to the other features, one can avail of the following services under the 5paisa Power Investor pack too: 


In addition to robust 5paisa trading platforms, one gets the opportunity to grab the above-mentioned services too! Hence, making the overall trading and investment path smoother and easier.

5Paisa Brokerage Calculator

You can now calculate the brokerage along with the taxes imposed by the exchange and Government. This includes STT charges, SEBI turnover fees, stamp duty etc.

Along with this the calculator also evaluates the overall profit you can make by executing particular trade. Just fill in the details in the calculator and get to know all the details.

Final Thoughts

A Demat account with no cost and a pack with multiple exciting features can only be seen in a few stockbrokers and 5paisa is one of them. The charges applicable to this plan are comparatively lower and affordable. Besides, one also gets to trade at a brokerage fee of ₹10 per order under all segments is highly attractive. 

So, let’s not wait more and open a Demat account with the broker today! 

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