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Sharekhan is a full-service stockbroker that has captured the attention of stock market investors and traders with its quality services. However, like any quality thing, these services don’t come for free as there are several Sharekhan charges you have to bear. 

But what are these Sharekhan charges? How much cost do you have to bear for having a demat account with Sharekhan and then actually for trading using their platform? 

Some of the most discussed charges about a stockbroker normally are its brokerage across different segments as well the demat account opening and maintenance charges. Well, a stockbroker charges for a lot more things than just these two.

Let’s just find out details about these charges.  

Sharekhan Charges List

Like every other stockbroker, there are some charges associated with the opening of an account, and trading across segments using the  

In this article, we will be discussing the following charges in detail:

And like how trading begins by opening your demat account, we will also begin this article with discussing the Sharekhan account-related charges. 

Sharekhan Demat Account Charges 

To gain an access to Sharekhan products and services one needs to open a demat account with the broker. Here it is important to check that what is the cost associated with the account opening and its maintenance.

Other than this, the demat account is associated with the pledge and unpledged of shares, the dematerialization process. For every service, one has to pay specific fees.

Here the dematerialization fees are ₹5 per certificate and rematerialization charges are ₹50 per certificate or ₹50 for every 100 securities, whichever is higher. 

Other than these let’s check out the details of other charges in detail below.

Sharekhan Account Opening Charges

Sharekhan offers a 2-in-1 account and a seamless process to link a bank account with a trading account. Once you open an account, you can start trading immediately on activation of the account. 

Here to offer such seamless trading services, the broker does not impose any kind of charges, i.e. it offers free account opening services.


Sharekhan AMC Charges

Just like the account opening, the annual account maintenance charge, also known as AMC, is also free for the first year. 

This means your demat account opening process is entirely free of cost since you don’t have to pay any opening charge as well as AMC at the time of account opening. 

However, from the second year onwards, Sharekhan charges ₹400 as an account maintenance fee on an annual basis for every demat account. 


Sharekhan Pledge Charges

Sharekhan pledge creation charges are 0.03% of the total value of the transaction with a minimum of ₹100 per transaction. 

This means if a client wishes to pledge their shares worth ₹4 Lakh, they will have to pay ₹ 120, which is 0.03% of this value as the Sharekhan share pledging charge. 

Now if the total value of the transaction is not ₹4 lakh but let’s say ₹2 lakh then, in that case, the charge calculated will be ₹ 60 but the trader will have to pay ₹100 as the pledge charge since it is the minimum charge one needs to pay. 


Brokerage Charges in Sharekhan

Once you open your demat and trading account with Sharekhan, you are all set to begin trading using the trading platforms provided by the stockbroker. 

However, on executing trade across different segments, you need to pay certain brokerage charges to the broker.

Being a full service broker, Sharekhan charges brokerage based on a percentage-based model where you have to pay a certain percentage of your trading turnover to the broker as the brokerage. 

Let’s dive into the details of these charges.

Sharekhan Equity Brokerage Charges

One can trade in different products (delivery, intraday, futures, and options) in the equity segment after opening an account with Sharekhan. Here Sharekhan delivery charges are 0.3% of the turnover value.

This means for the trade turnover of ₹10,000 the trader has to pay the brokerage of ₹30.

Other than this, the charges for trading in other segments are given in the table below.


Sharekhan Commodity Brokerage

Since Sharekhan is registered with MCX and NCDEX and hence one can trade in different agri and non-agri commodity contracts available in the futures and options market.

Check out the detail of these charges in the table below:


Sharekhan Currency Brokerage

Next comes the currency segment, where again you can trade in the futures and options contracts of four major currencies (Japanese Yen, US dollar, British Sterling, Euro).

Sharekhan option trading charges in currency trade are comparatively lesser than other full-service brokers, i.e. Rs 5 per lot.


Sharekhan Auto Square Off Charges

Every broker has a trading window for placing trades. So, if you executed intraday trade in Sharekhan app, then it is important to square off your position before time i.e. square off the time of the broker.

Failing to do so, the broker will charge you an extra penalty on every open position.

Sharekhan auto square-off charges are ₹50/order.

Sharekhan Transaction Charges

Transaction charges are those charges that are levied on the stockbroker by the stock exchange on both sides, i.e, buy and sell. Therefore the stockbroker charges this amount from its clients since they are the ones making all the transactions. 

The transaction charges include the fees charged as Securities Transaction Tax, by exchanges (NSE/BSE) and the debit transaction cost charged on the debit of shares commonly called DP charges.

The transaction charges charged by the exchange are:


Sharekhan STT Charges

On NSE, there are defined Securities/Commodities Transaction Taxes (STT and CTT) with which a stockbroker has to abide. 

STT/CTT is a percentage value of the total trade turnover. 


Sharekhan DP Charges

DP Charges are the charges every stockbroker levies on its clients in order to pay to the Depositories with which it is registered.

The stockbrokers must pay this charge to the depositories every time their clients sell their stocks.  


Sharekhan has ₹ 20.5 per scrip as DP charges which means for selling the shares of one company on one given day, a person has to pay ₹ 20.5 + the 18% GST as the DP charges which, in other words, are called Debit charges. 

However, if the person wishes to sell the shares on two different days or decides to sell shares of two different companies even on the same day, they will have to pay the DP charges twice. 



Apart from the brokerage charges, which are the most common kind of charges a trader considers when he or she chooses a stockbroker, here are a few additional yet significant charges including SEBI charges, stamp duty, and GST that you will be bearing in order to trade with Sharekhan. 

With the demat account opening free and maintenance at a nominal annual price, it is a relief to have a demat cum trading account with a broker as reliable as Sharekhan.

However, the catch lies in the brokerage and other charges that you need to consider. Depending on your trading style, trading volume, expectations from a stockbroker, and your own budget, you can choose whether you want to trade with Sharekhan or not. 

We hope we provided you with the much-needed clarity over the Sharekhan charges through this article.

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