Espresso Sharekhan Charges


Sharekhan Espresso, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, is one of the pioneers that offered online platforms to traders. It offers a discount brokerage model to its users, but what are Espresso Sharekhan charges. 

In this article, know about the trading platform fees and brokerage imposed to trade in the different segments using the Espresso trading platform.

Espresso Sharekhan  Account Opening Charges

Since it offers a discount brokerage model, hence like another broking platform it does not impose any fees for account opening or activation. You just need to register using the trading app by filling in some basic details and uploading KYC documents.

Espresso  Sharekhan  AMC Charges

Although, there are no charges to register Espresso platform, however, to keep the account active one has to pay the annual charges of ₹400 plus GST. Here are the details in the table below:

Sharekhan Espresso Brokerage Charges

Unlike Sharekhan brokerage charges, Espresso Sharekhan Charges flat per trade brokerage, it takes no money as a brokerage when a trader does loss-making Intraday trades and Equity Delivery. Also, it does not charge any fees for delivery trading.

For future options, the pricing model is simple as any other discount brokerage firm that is they charge an amount of flat Rs 20 per order. Here is the complete detail of the Espresso Sharekhan charges:



Espresso Sharekhan is a discount broking platform that helps a trader in maximizing their profit by paying less brokerage and minimizing their losses as the trader only pays when they make profitable trades.

You can trade in different segments and reap the benefit of research tips and advisory at a minimal cost.

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