Sharekhan Intraday Charges


Sharekhan is a full-service stockbroker, that is known for offering the best services in the broking industry, but when it comes to charges, does it offer any kind of relaxation? Well, for this, let’s have a look at the Sharekhan intraday charges.

Sharekhan Equity Intraday Charges

Intraday trading is not only about taking a single position and closing it before the trading session ends, in fact, but it is also all about taking multiple positions in a day.

Now, here the trader looks for a broker that offers minimum brokerage fees for executing intraday trades. Here is when Sharekhan comes into the picture.

Talking the charges for intraday trading in Sharekhan is 0.03% of the total trade value.

Now how to calculate brokerage charges in Sharekhan for intraday trading?

For this, let’s take an example. Suppose there is a trader X who traded in multiple stocks A, B, and C. The transaction and turnover value for each are as follows:


Here summing up the values, the total turnover value is ₹2,06,100.

Now let’s see how much brokerage Mr. X has to pay.

Total turnover value of Share A= ₹1,11,00

Brokerage= 0.03%*1,11,000

Total turnover value of share B= ₹24,600

Brokerage= 0.03%*24,600

Total turnover value of share C= ₹71,500


Total brokerage= ₹(33.30+₹7.38+21.45)

Now, this is the charge levied by a broker on the trader executing intraday trades using their trading platform. Apart from this, there are exchange fees, SEBI charges, transaction costs, and a few taxes imposed by state and central government.

The details of these charges are given in the table below:


Other than this, if you fail to close your intraday position before square-off time i.e. 3:11 PM  then you need to pay additional Sharekhan auto square off charges equal to ₹50/order plus GST.

Sharekhan Intraday Brokerage Calculator

Now evaluating the total brokerage along with other charges mentioned above, is quite complex. But what if you are able to gain a lump sum idea of the brokerage charges before executing the trade.

Isn’t it would be great!

Now you can get it done with the Sharekhan brokerage calculator. In the calculator, you just have to enter the buy value and sell value along with the quantity and you can get an idea of total intraday charges along with the idea of profit and loss in a trade.


Sharekhan comes up with some customized brokerage charges for its customers too. With the seamless trading experience using its trading platforms, you can also reap the benefit of trading at the minimum cost.

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