Groww BTST Charges


Groww app users often come across many queries related to BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) facility like what are Groww BTST charges?

Let’s discuss how much you need to pay if you go for the BTST facility in Groww. 

BTST Charges in Groww App

To start off, we would say that Groww app allows the BTST facility and the charges for BTST trade in Groww are nil. Don’t believe it? Well it’s true! 

Why? It’s because BTST falls in the category of delivery product and Groww delivery trading charges are zero, hence there is no fees for Buy Today Sell Tomorrow trades. 

This trading strategy is mainly used with a purpose of making a profit using the overnight fluctuation in the stock prices. Let’s understand this with a simple example given below. 

Suppose you bought 50 shares of Rs. 100 each and sold them on the next day at a per stock price of Rs. 120. Then, in this case, you made a profit of Rs. 1000 in total. 

Now you can sell these stocks even before they are delivered into your account but still there are DP charges levied on BTST sell order. 

In all, there is no brokerage, but one has to pay Groww transaction charges, and other taxes on execution of trade. 

Here are the details of transaction charges in Groww. 

You can calculate these charges with Groww brokerage calculator. 


So, now you know that Groww allows BTST orders without any charges. This is profitable however, there are certain risks associated with BTST trades like default of delivery of shares where the traders do not receive shares in their demat account for which they executed sell order. 

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