Groww US Stocks Charges


Groww not only provides a seamless way to invest and trade in the Indian share market but also provides a platform to invest in US Stocks. But how much are Groww US stocks charges?

What are the Charges to Invest in US Stocks from Groww?

As you all know Groww does not charge any fees for demat account opening and maintenance. Similarly, the broker provides a relaxation to its customers by waiving off the fees for investing in US Stocks. 

That means, there are no account opening, account maintenance charges and brokerage charges levied by Groww on its users. 

Account Opening  Rs. 0
AMC Rs. 0
US Stock Charges  Rs. 0

But investors must keep in mind that they may be liable to pay some additional charges while making transactions in the US stocks. Why? It is because when you invest in foreign stocks your funds are transferred to fund the foreign brokerage account. 

Hence, there will be currency transfer charges and account maintenance & transactions charges. Here are some other charges and fees that investors are liable to pay:

USD-INR Exchange Rate As Applicable by Your Bank
Bank Charges on Additional Dollars As Applicable by Your Bank
Withdrawal Charges  $9 per withdraw transaction, charged by US Counterpart Bank
Exchange Fee $0.02 per sell transaction, charged by exchange


To sum up, we can say that you need not worry about Groww US stocks charges as this brokerage platform doesn’t charge anything. However, you may have to bear some other charges as mentioned above while carrying out your transactions in the US stocks. 

Before investing, you must gain a complete information on how to invest in US stocks using Groww.

We hope you have got clear information and all your doubts regarding this subject are clear now. For more such posts, stay tuned!

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