Can we Buy US Stocks in Groww?

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Indian investors using Groww app often look clueless regarding investing in US stocks. Surely, doing so will give growth opportunities to every investor. Many stockbrokers provide the facility to invest in the US stock market? Can we buy US stocks in Groww?

With the growing awareness of investors, they look to invest in foreign stocks outside India. And what better option could they get besides the US stock market. 

All the major companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc, belong to the US. What’s tempting is that these firms show immense growth due to which their stock prices show a big hike. 

Therefore, it presents an amazing opportunity for you to diversify your investment portfolio in India by investing in US stocks using Groww. 

Now, if the question “How can I buy US Stocks from India in Groww?” crops up in your mind. We have got you covered! 

Here, you will get to know about various options to invest in the US stock market via Groww. So, let’s begin!

How to Invest in US Stocks Using Groww? 

If you want to invest in US market from India using Groww, you can do so in the following two ways: 

  • Investing directly into the US stocks 
  • Investing indirectly through mutual funds or ETFs

Clueless about these two ways? Don’t worry! We will discuss both these options here in detail.

Investing Directly into the US Market 

In case you are wondering, can I directly buy US stocks from India using groww app? Yes, you can! 

What’s the way to do it? You can do it by opening an overseas trading account with Groww. 

Open Overseas Trading Account Using Groww

If you feel uncomfortable using a foreign brokerage firm, you can easily do this task using the Groww app. The domestic stockbroker facilitates its investors to invest in the US market by acting as an intermediary for the US stockbrokers. 

After fulfilling the terms and conditions of Groww and submitting some essential documents, you can opt for its service. 

Now you know that you can directly buy US stocks from India, it is imperative for you to consider the charges you need to pay on buying these stocks. (Discussed below!)

Indirect Investing in the US Stocks 

Fearful of direct investments in the US stock market? You can opt for many indirect options to do so with the help of Groww. Here are the ways in which you can do so:

Use Mutual Funds to Invest in US Market 

If you don’t like to invest into US stocks by opening an overseas trading account, it’s not a subject of worry! It’s because you can directly buy US stocks from India by using mutual funds in the Groww app. 

Groww allows its users to directly invest in either US stocks or mutual funds seamlessly. And using the Groww app is safe for this purpose. 

Using ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) 

Another way in which you can invest in US stocks using Groww is via ETFs. And you can use a direct or indirect investing approach in this very segment. 

Indeed, getting into the US stocks through exchange traded funds can offer you many benefits over using mutual funds. That’s why it is recommended to opt for ETFs over mutual funds for the investment purpose. 

Domestic broker Groww can help you achieve your US stock investment goal in this area. 

Groww US Stocks Charges 

Buying US stocks using Groww in India requires you to pay some fees. Though Groww doesn’t levy US stock charges, you need to bear other charges as a part of opening and maintaining foreign brokerage account. 

The below table mentioned different charges Groww users are liable to pay: 


Apart from the above charges, you also need to pay taxes like Tax Collected at Source, capital gains and Dividend Tax. 

So, we would say that you can buy US stocks in Groww but you also need to keep in mind the costs associated with it. This way, you would not feel any financial burden. It is needless to say a thorough research is required on your part!


We hope you understand that you can buy US stocks in Groww in India. And it is expected that you also gain understanding of how to invest in US stocks using Groww app. 

Before you take your first step in this journey, we would like you to know a few important things on this subject. 

Firstly, investing outside India, especially in US stocks, is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. This decision could help you gain more return than domestic investment as US indices are less volatile. 

While you invest into the US stock market, you must consider the charges levied during the investment process. Without a doubt, it will make you pay more fees and taxes than in domestic markets. 

So, start slowly and gain the right information related to the US stocks investment. A proper research about the US stock market movements along with consideration of your risk profile and financial goals is vital during this investment journey. 

And yes, Groww app provides you with every option to dive into the US share market comfortably. Happy investing!

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