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NJ Wealth Client Desk is one of the promising aspects of the full-service stockbrokerNJ Wealth. In this quick help review, we will talk about the different communication channels, quality of NJ Wealth Client Desk and the different timelines the customer support channels are available.

NJ Wealth Client Desk Review

NJ wealth is a name that always comes in the forefront when we talk about the successful financial products distributor network in India. A part of the NJ group, NJ wealth was established in 2003, with an aim to help the common investor. With the outstanding wealth management platform and NJ Wealth Client Desk, the company has put a strong holding in the financial market.

NJ wealth is responsible for providing a full-service investment platform with end to end solutions to big and small investors. The platform offers a wide range of financial and non-financial products. NJ wealth has 34,773+ partners, 95 branches across 19 states of the country.

NJ wealth offers its clients with the Client desk feature. Here the clients can view the wealth portfolio Trading and Demat Account, call & trade service in mutual funds, equity, and ETF.

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NJ Wealth Client Desk Channels

Customers are free to choose the mode of transaction that satisfies their needs through the NJ Wealth Client Desk. Apart from these customer support services, customers contact the experienced staff through:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Grievance portal
  • Physical branch visit
  • Mobile app

NJ Wealth Client Desk is provided through multiple avenues to its clients to get in contact with the company. The comprehensive customer care service helps the clients to get answers to all their queries and complaints. The main focus is to deliver quality service that will help in satisfying the wealth management needs of customers.

The customer support services to all the NJ wealth partners include:

NJ client desk: With the NJ client desk, customers can get the entire wealth /portfolio information in a single place. With this feature, customers will receive the right information at all times, resulting in better investment decisions.

Customers can access all the financial and non-financial products that are a part of their portfolio. Automatic updation of transactions and product wise reporting is the reason why clients prefer NJ for managing their wealth.

NJ E-wealth A/c: Another advantage of the customer care service provided by the NJ is the e-wealth account. With the help of the e-wealth account, customers get freedom from doing physical transactions. NJ offers the customers the secure, simple and easy way to carry out the transactions in different modes.

The various modes of transactions available to the customers include:

  • Online desk transact
  • Call and transact
  • Offline/physical transactions.

NJ has a separate grievance handling department for solving the queries of customers. But, if the complaints are not in the prescribed format, they will go unaddressed.

NJ Wealth Client Desk Details

The contact details, that will assist the clients to get in touch with NJ Wealth Client Desk includes:

It’s to be noted that the customer care staff is available from Monday to Friday from 9:15 am to 6 pm. And, on Saturdays from 10 am to 2.00 pm. Also, on the second and fourth Saturday the customer care will not be available. As far as the operations and products are concerned, customer support availability is limited.

Here is a quick summary:

NJ customer support and grievance cover the following areas:

NJ wealth partners: For queries, customers can contact 1800 102 0155 or 0261-4025000 and online modules in NJ partner desk.

NJ Trading & Demat Account: For queries, customers can contact 1800 102 0155. For complaints and grievances, customers can mail at dpservices@njgroup.in.

If the customers of NJ wealth have any queries they can contact the NJ wealth partner.

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