Here is a quick look at the summary of the mainstream IPOs that are going to be launched on the stock market indices in the next few days.

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Here are some quick details about the terms mentioned above:

IPO Name: The company that is going to launch the IPO and open up its equity for public investment.

IPO Size: It is the number of equity shares that are going to be opened up for public funding. If interested, you may also be the holder of such shares.

IPO Value: is the monetary valuation of the total shares opened up by the company or is the amount the company is looking to get funding for through the IPO.

Price Band: It is the monetary price range that each equity share is worth of. It can be a range or a fixed price as well.

IPO Open Date: is the date when the company is going to open up bidding for the IPO equity shares. Generally, in a mainstream IPO, the IPO remains open for 3 business days for public bidding.

Our Rating: Post a detailed analysis, our research team provides an objective idea of the IPO based on areas such as company background, performance, the financial health of the business, IPO objectives, strengths and risks related to investment in a specific IPO and so on. The rating is out of 10.

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