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  • 37 Years of Experience
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  • Requires Adequate Funds for Future Growth

Many companies are expected to launch their IPOs this year. Among which Anupam Rasayan IPO is about to be launched. In this article, we will provide you Anupam Rasayan IPO review

So let’s get started!! 

Before moving ahead and listing the IPO details, let us have a look at the company launching this IPO. 

Anupam Rasayan is one of the leading chemical manufacturing companies commenced its operations in 1984, and is located in Surat, Gujrat

This company is mainly involved in manufacturing life sciences specialty chemicals. Besides, it also manufactures other specialty chemicals, including pigment & dyes, and polymer additives. 

Its products are widely used in the Agrochemical sector, Pharmaceutical sector, and Personal care sectors. 

In the six months ended september 30,2020, Anupam Rasayan has served over 45 domestic and international customers, including 15 multinational companies. 

Now with an objective to pay its debts, it is going to launch its IPO worth ₹760 Cr on 12 March 2021. This would be the 11th company to launch its IPO in 2021

Let’s know about some more details of this upcoming IPO.

Anupam Rasayan IPO Review 2021 

Let us take a look at the below table for the Anupam Rasayan IPO review. 


Anupam Rasayan IPO Date

Dates play a crucial role in tracking  the IPO. There are a number of different dates at which investors and traders need to keep a constant eye so that they would not miss them.

Similarly, for applying for an Anupam Rasayan IPO, let us have a look at the dates listed below.

This IPO is going to launch on 12 March 2021, and will remain open for subscription for next five days i.e till 16 March 2021

Other than this, other important dates of the IPO are:


Anupam Rasayan IPO Price

Next in the Anupam Rasayan IPO review, we will cover the Anupam Rasayan  IPO Price. Basically, IPO Price includes two main prices; the Issue price, and Listing price. 

IPO issue price is a price at which any company offers its shares to the investors for the first time in the share market whereas, the listing price is a price at which shares get listed in the stock exchange. 

The Anupam Rasayan IPO Price is 1,37,43,218 Equity shares aggregating up to ₹760 Cr. 

Besides, Anupam Rasayan has set the price band for its IPO at ₹ 553 – ₹ 555 per equity share. 

So here you would be able to make a minimum investment of ₹ 14,931 and a maximum investment of up to ₹ 1,94,103.

Anupam Rasayan IPO GMP

Next in the Anupam Rasayan IPO Review, is Anupam Rasayan GMP, GMP is a premium amount at which IPO shares are bought and sold in the Grey Market. These shares are not listed on the stock exchange. 

Anupam Rasayan IPO GMP is ₹90.

How To Apply For Anupam Rasayan IPO?

To apply for any IPOs, you will first need to select a registered stockbroker and open a Demat account with them. 

For this, you will need some documents listed below;

  • PAN Card
  • Adhar Card
  • Bank Account Number 

Once the documents get verified and the account is opened. The broker will provide you an online platform where you can apply online for any IPO using UPI and ASBA effortlessly. 

For this, you will have to  go through the following steps:

  • Download the app. 
  • Scroll down on the stocks tab. 
  • Click on the IPO section. 
  • Choose any active IPO name and select the bid quantity.
  • Select any of the payment methods; Net banking or UPI method.

Once you complete the process on the UPI app, your application form gets submitted and the amount will get blocked in your Demat account. 

Anupam Rasayan Company Details

So, this is all about Anupam Rasayan IPO Review. Now whether you should invest in it or not?

Not sure?

Do not fret! 

Here we have mentioned some details about the company fundamentals, strengths, and also the risks associated with this IPO that helps you in planning your investment accordingly.

So let’s have a quick glance on it.

Anupam Rasayan commenced its operations in 1984 with conventional products and now it is involved in manufacturing specialty chemicals including multi-step synthesis and complex chemisteries.

It has long term business relationships with clients like Syngenta Asia Pacific, and UPL Limited across Europe, Japan, and US. 

Besides, this company has generated 95% of its revenue by catering to the Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical, and Personal care sectors. 

Now let’s discuss the competitive strengths and risks of the company. 

Anupam Rasayan Company Promoters

The promoters of Anupam Rasayan are Mr Anand S Desai, Dr Kiran C Patel, Ms Mona A Desai, Kiran Pallavi Investments LIC, and Rehash Industrial, and Resins Chemicals Private Limited. 

All of them own 66.04% stake in this company.

Strengths Of Anupam Rasayan IPO

Below are the competitive strengths of Anupam Rasayan IPO:-

  • Showed financial growth consistently.
  • Strong promoters and competitive management team.
  • Diversified and customized product portfolio with a strong chain.
  • Strong and long-term business relationships with domestic as well as international customers.

Here is a table below showing total assets, total income, total expenses, and total profit after tax of this company.


Risks Associated With Anupam Rasayan IPO

Anupam Rasayan has shown vast financial growth over the financial years. However, there are also several risks related to this investment too and they are;

  • Any unavailability or disquality of raw materials could adversely affect its business.
  • This company is capital intensive, so it requires to save funds to support its future strategies. Any failure in saving its funds may adversely affect its results of operations and cash flows. 
  • The business operations of this company are inspected and audited regularly to check its quality and standards of products. Any failure in this task may affect its business prospects. 

Should You Subscribe for Anupam Rasayan IPO?

Anupam Rasayan company plans to utilise its funds collected from IPO to repay their borrowings. 

So now you must be wondering whether to apply for this IPO or not?

Well for this discussed above the financials of the company that gives you an overview.  

It clearly depicts that in spite of the lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, its half-yearly revenue has increased by 51.51% which is more than the last six-month period ended in September 2019

All the above recent data shows that there are chances that Anupam Rasayan may show some huge business growth in the near future and will give you great returns. 

So, this is all in Anupam Rasayan IPO Review. 

Overall, Anupam Rasayan IPO is good !! Rest, you can take your decision after deeply understanding its fundamentals and strengths.

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