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With the arrival of 2021, numerous IPO’s could be seen in the Stock Market, and one more IPO is on its way! With a mission to provide you a complete data on every IPO, we invite you with a guide covering vital information such as date, objective, promoters, pros, and cons, etc., related to the Nureca Limited IPO. 

So, let’s kick off our journey!  

But, before digging into the Nureca Limited IPO, let us comprehend what is an IPO and how it works? 

IPO or Initial Public Offering is a process through which the first sales of a private listed company’s stocks or shares arrives in the market as a public listing.

Here, retail investors or institutional investors can buy these shares, and in return, the company raises funds for achieving its objectives; once they are approved from SEBI or Securities and Exchange Board of India.

A wide range of organizations undergoes the IPO process cycle since they need to get listed on the securities exchange trades, for example, NSE, BSE, MCX, or NCDEX

Presently, how about we leap to the primary information of the Nureca Limited IPO. 

Nureca IPO Details 

We have a question for you – Why do you wish to apply for this IPO?

Well, if you are uncertain and just biding in this IPO because of related rumors or your friend has advised you, then don’t blindly follow them, instead have a clear perspective of investing in this IPO. 

So, let us walk you through Nureca Limited’s details. 

Established on 2 November 2016, Nureca is one of the fastest and growing distributors of home healthcare, and wellness products that promise to offer its customers quality, durable, usable, and creative designs.

The firm is known to be India’s first digital company that sells its products online through various channels. Their products are listed on a website named and a few distributors and retailers are proud e-channel partners. 

The company designs and builds products related to fitness, steamers, massagers, and body supplements. In addition to this, they have several monitoring devices to check the patient’s pulse, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. 

Not just this, Nureca Limited’s portfolio is further divided into five different categories of products, namely orthopedic products, chronic ailment products, nutrition supplements, lifestyle products, and mother and child products.

Before going through the Nureca IPO Details, let us quickly discuss each one of them as below-

1. Orthopedic Products

Orthopedic Products include the rehabilitation products such as walkers, physiotherapy massagers, wheelchair, sticks, tailbone supporters, and so on. 

2. Chronic Ailment Products

Chronic ailment products deal with a wide range of products dealing with monitoring and controllers such as streamers, thermometers, nebulizers, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, humidifiers, and many more!

3. Nutrition Supplements

This category includes the daily nutrition supplements required to complete an adequate level of vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, etc. Fish oils, Probiotics, Apple cider, etc., are also categorized in this category.

4. Lifestyle Products

This section offers digital products to the customers such as aroma diffusers, smartwatches to track Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, and act as a fitness tracker by measuring your running or activity speed, total steps, and much more!

5. Mother and Child Products

As the name says, this category comprises the essential day-to-day needs of a mother and children, such as bottle sterilizers, car seats, baby carry coats, baby weighing scales, and much more.

Some of the brands connected with this company are Dr Trust, Dr Physio, and Trumom

So, this was all about the company’s information; now we should have a speedy insight concerning these IPO details! 


Now, moving ahead, let’s check its post bidding process too! 


  • The subscription of Nureca IPO Date will begin on 15 February 2021 and will end after two days i.e., till 17 February 2021
  • Under this IPO, the cost per equity share will range between Rs. 396 to Rs. 400 with a market lot of 35 shares.
  • The minimum lot quantity to be purchase by an investor will be 35 shares. Hence, a low investment of around Rs. 13860 to Rs. 14000 will be invested by the trader or investor. 
  • Once the bidding process is completed, the shares will be allotted on February 23, 2021, and on Feb 26, 2021, the shares of the Nureca Limited IPO will be listed on NSE and BSE. 

Before understanding how to apply for Nureca Limited IPO in India, you must have a look at the below financial statement of the company updated till March 2019:


Hence, the performance of the company is comparatively higher than the previous year’s performance and a rise in the values can be seen.

Nureca Limited IPO Objectives 

It’s a distinct truth that an organization stepping in the IPO must have a particular goal-either to need to raise capital, or it needs to clear its obligations, or it needs to build up itself in different parts of the world.

However, let us view what the goal of Nureca Limited IPO is? 

Presently, Nureca limited IPO objective is to raise 75 crores in two different ways with different goals and these are detailed as below-

  • To raise sufficient funds to meet its incremental working capital needs- which will be fulfilled from the fresh issues.
  • Rest to meet general corporate targets. 

Therefore, we can clearly view that the company has not entered in IPO segment to clear its debts, rather it wants to improve its functioning.

Nureca Limited IPO Promoters 

Talking about Nureca’s IPO Promoter, then the firm’s Chairman and Managing Director – Saurabh Goyal, is promoting this IPO.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons related to investing in this upcoming IPO.

Nureca Limited IPO Pros 

It is most likely that Nureca Limited is notable on the lookout and is accepted to make little lumps into a fortune. 

Despite the fact that there are several advantages of IPO venture, however, today we are explicitly going to examine other critical pros points of putting investments into Nureca Limited IPO. These experts are recorded as underneath 

  • Solid outer and inner advancement opportunities. 
  • The organization’s financial reports have been amazing over a couple of years. 
  • The company follows innovation and advances in its designs, machinery, and other useful tools. 
  • Nureca Limited has a diversified portfolio of 5 different categories with a solid and consistent income. 
  • The minimum investment is really low hence, it’s a good opportunity for traders and investors.
  • Also, above all, they have been recognized as India’s first firm to sell its products digital all across the globe.

Nureca Limited IPO Cons

Clearly, there are consistently different sides to a coin-a a decent one and a terrible one. Maybe, we have just examined the great ones in the segment given over, how about we view the awful ones as well. 

Apart from Some common disadvantages of investing in IPO, let’s have a look at a portion of the cons identified with Nureca Limited IPO Cons- 

  1. The company is new in the market, hence the trust factor is pretty low.
  2. The organization’s net worth or revenue is lower than the peers in the market. 

To Sum Up 

With all such significant data respected to Nureca Limited IPO, you should have the option to choose whether you wish to put resources into this IPO or not.

Be that as it may, in the event that you need to hear us, at that point we are somewhat inspired as well! 

Also, why would that be? 


From 2018, the company has shown a sudden growth in its revenue from Rs. 20.1 crores to Rs. 123.0 crore in H1 FY2021.

Along with this, the net income has also risen from Rs. 3.1 crore to Rs. 36.2 crore in H1 FY2021; which is 12 times higher than its performance in 2018.

Along these lines, the venture can work or may not work in support of yourself! Because undoubtedly the firm will give returns but not on a higher scale. So, if you want considerable returns then this IPO is not for you!

As it is said that “Numbers never lie, all things considered: they basically recount various stories relying upon the math of the tellers “- Luis Alberto Urrea.

Subsequently, we suggest you check the monetary reports of the organization and break down them cautiously prior to making an investment in this IPO. 

We hope you take a wise and calculative decision!

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