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A lot of IPOs have been making it to the market in recent times. Joining the lost list of IPOs, the next upcoming IPO is India Pesticides IPO. Grey market premium (GMP) is an essential aspect of the listing price of the shares. Here we will discuss everything about India Pesticides IPO GMP. 

Before going into the in-depth discussion of India Pesticides IPO GMP, let us see what exactly is India Pesticides.

Established in 1984, India Pesticides Limited is an agrochemical technical company focused on preparing insecticides, pesticides, and fungicides. 

With a fresh issue of Rs. 100 crores and an offer for sale of Rs.281.4 crores, let us now discuss India Pesticides GMP. 

Note – All these articles will be updated regularly. Last updated on “06 April, 2021“

India Pesticides GMP Today 

The fluctuations in GMP are usually constant and therefore have to be tracked every day. Since the GMP affects the decision of an investor, the GMP daily is tabulated below:

The GMP affects the decision of an investor to a large extent. There is always a possibility that if the GMP is positive, the IPO will have a good listing price. 

Let us now move on to another important aspect, that is, how to apply for India Pesticides IPO. 

How to Apply for India Pesticides IPO

Now that you know that GMP is an essential part of knowing the value of an IPO, let us have a look at how to apply for India Pesticides IPO. 

The India Pesticides IPO Date is (●) and you can easily apply for it using the below steps. 

The first thing that you need for the process is a demat account. After you have opened a demat account then the application process of India Pesticides IPO can be carried in two modes, either offline or online. 

If you want to apply for the IPO in offline mode, you just have to visit a bank and fill your application in person. 

The online mode further gives you two options, either you can apply through ASBA or UPI. The process is very convenient and as soon as you complete the payment process, the corresponding amount gets blocked in your bank account. 

India Pesticides IPO- Should you Invest? 

Various investors have different stances when it comes to the subscription of an IPO. there are a plethora of factors that have their stand in the decision. 

It is very important for an investor to analyze every aspect of an IPO before making the decision. The strengths of the company, the possible risks, India Pesticides IPO price and even the financial record of the company matter a lot.

Keeping a regular check on the GMP of the IPO is also an important aspect in deciding whether you should invest in an IPO or not. 

Only after analyzing all the risks, you should make a decision of investing in India Pesticides IPO. 

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