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IPOs are on a hike in the share market industry with popular names. So, in the race of the upcoming IPO, the next name is Lodha Developers IPO. The Lodha Developers IPO, in the current situation, is moving at a constant rate. 

The most prominent residential developer of India, Macrotech Developers (Lodha Developers), is launching the IPO of Rs. 2500 crore on April 7th, 2021

Macrotech Developers (Lodha Developers) belong to the real estate sector. It provides affordable houses to the customers, and along with that, it is now working to establish residential projects that will be affordable in the outskirts of Pune and Mumbai

To know the latest updates of the Lodha Developers IPO, delve inside the following segments.

Note – All these articles will be updated regularly. Last updated on “02 April, 2021“

Lodha Developers IPO GMP Today

You might have heard that the volatility in GMP affects the share’s listing price. Do you want to know the reason behind that? It is simple but complicated at the same time as the GMP has the possibility to push the cost that is based on the value.

After understanding the gist of the Lodha Developers IPO Review, now if you want to dive deep into the GMP, then stay tuned to the current segment. 

It now correlates to the interested traders and investors who really are monitoring any action of its price before considering to choose whether or not to submit for the application of the same IPO.

Before examining the other aspects, it is essential to check the Lodha Developers IPO Price.

Let’s not keep you aside from the Lodha Developers IPO as the table below covers the information on the GMP and Kostak.

So now, let’s delve into the table to know more:


Before taking the decision over the price, check the Lodha Developers IPO Dates to stay updated.

How to Apply for Lodha Developers IPO

If you have decided to apply for the Lodha Developers IPO, then you should check the procedure or the methods through which it can be possible.

There are two methods covered in this segment through which you can apply for the Lodha Developers IPO. The methods are:

  • Online method
  • Offline method 

The primary step is to open a demat account with a stockbroker or the depository participant of your choice.

Now, as you have opened the demat account with the stockbroker, now it is time to select the method through which you want to apply for the IPO, i.e., Online or Offline.

Let’s head forward by understanding the online method. The online method further includes two procedures including:

  • ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Account), and
  • UPI (Unified Payment Interface) 

In the UPI procedure, the application is developed through the trading platform. But, in the offline procedure, the applicant visits the local branch of the bank with whom they are registered in. Likewise, they can apply for the Lodha Developers IPO.

Note: The payment method in the offline method is cheque.

Should You Invest in Lodha Developers IPO?

Lodha Developers IPO is coming with the objective to achieve the purpose, that are as follows:

  1. In the financial year 2021-22, it will pay off the outstanding borrowing that costs Rs. 1,500 crore.
  2. In the coming two years, the firm will use Rs. 375 crore to acquire the land and or the construction rights. And with this, the firm will satisfy general corporate purposes.

The finances of the Macrotech Developers (Lodha Developers) are to be made public, yet no information is released.

To know the financial statement of Macrotech Developers (Lodha Developers), stay tuned to the following table.

The GMP is indeed an important factor that needs to be examined. In the same way, there are many more aspects that are to be considered before applying for the IPO.

The decision of optioning the Lodha Developers IPO can be challenging, which is why it is mentioned to check the fundamentals and other information before applying for this IPO.

It is the right time to be vigilant, patient, and confident!

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