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With so many IPO being launched there are many more on the list yet to come. One among them is MTAR Technologies IPO. In this article, we are going to provide you the information on the MTAR Technologies IPO date. 

But before disclosing the dates, let’s have a quick review of the MTAR Technologies.

The MTAR Technologies is an engineering industry that is involved in the manufacturing of the mission-critical precision components that have the close tolerance of 5-10 micron, as well as in the vital assemblies. 

The firm offers the services to the most significant industries, and the clients of the firm are listed below:

  1. ISRO
  2. NPCIL
  3. DRDO
  4. Bloom Energy
  5. Rafael
  6. Elbit and so on

The firm is connected with such reputed firms and now allows beginners and other investors of the share market to invest in it through IPO. So, if you are interested to invest in this company’s IPO, go through the MTAR Technologies IPO review and learn about the important dates discussed below. 

MTAR Technologies IPO Issue Date

MTAR Technologies IPO is going to open on 3 March 2021 and you can apply for the IPO for two days i.e. till 5 March 2021. Thus, there are three days to reap the golden opportunity to invest in this IPO online. 

MTAR Technologies IPO Allotment Date

After you apply for MTAR Technologies, it becomes crucial to check for the IPO allotment status. This gives you the information of how many shares are being allotted to you. The company will disclose the allotment status on March 10, 2021.


MTAR Technologies IPO Listing Date

Last comes the IPO listing date. It is the date when the IPO shares listed on the exchange thus bringing the opportunity for investors to trade in stock exchanges. On this day, the calculation of listing price is being done on the basis of demand and supply.

Post allotment of MTAR Technologies IPO, the company will get listed on the exchange (NSE & BSE) by March 16, 2021, post which you can trade its share in the secondary market.


Summing Up

If you are a newbie and want to start investing in the share market, then you should go with MTAR Technologies. The firm has a broad range of product portfolios along with the seven modern technology manufacturing units. 

MTAR Technologies has various supplier bases with strong financial track records and experts with qualified management.

The background of the firm divulges reliability, which is why the IPO is said to be beneficial for beginners.

Happy Trading!

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