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In the GMP list of IPOs, another popular name is Policy Bazaar. The foremost insurance aggregator of India, Policy Bazaar is going to launch its IPO on (●), 2021. The Policy Bazaar IPO GMP is operating at a persistent rate in the current condition.

Policy Bazaar develops online life as well as general insurance. The firms have partners from life insurance, loan sectors, corporate insurance, and car insurance.

Through launching the IPO, Policy Bazaar is expecting to boost Rs. 4000 crore through the released issue.

Now, let’s delve more inside to know about the latest update of the Policy Bazaar GMP.

Note – All these articles will be updated regularly. Last updated on “30 April, 2021“

Policy Bazaar IPO GMP Today

The fluctuations in the GMP affects the listing price of the shares. But How? The reason is simple but complex because the GMP has the potential to push the rates based on the value.

Before deciding to choose whether or not to apply to the IPO, now, it corresponds to the concerned traders and investors who are watching every movement of its value.

It is also important to go through the Policy Bazaar IPO price before executing the same.

If you are getting curious to know the Policy Bazaar IPO GMP, then, let’s not make you wait for so long, because the following table covers the data over the GMP as well as the Kostak.

So, now,  let’s have a glimpse of it!


Before acting on the price, it is necessary to know the Policy Bazaar IPO date.

Policy Bazaar IPO Apply

Now, here comes the time, when you decide to apply for the Policy Bazaar IPO. If you are looking to go with the comfort, then it will be amazing to share that the IPO can be applied through two methods, i.e.

  1. Online Method
  2. Offline Method

Before discussing the methods, it is important to note that the demat account with the stockbroker or the depository participant of your choice is the important step that is to be covered to proceed further in the applying process of Policy Bazaar IPO.

After opening a demat account, you have to select the procedure through which you want to apply for the IPO. The procedures include the online method or the offline method.

Let’s move with the flow. For that, let’s first understand the online method that further includes:

  • ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Account) or 
  • UPI (Unified Payment Interface) 

The application is created via a trading platform in the UPI procedure whereas while applying through the offline procedure, it is required for the applicant to visit the local branch of the bank they have registered in and then apply in person. 

Note: In the offline method, the payment method is a cheque, which means you will have to submit the check to purchase an IPO.

Should You Invest in Policy Bazaar IPO?

The decision can be challenging and risky which is why it is important to check the fundamentals and various other necessary information before investing in the IPO.

The latest financials of Policy Bazaar are still to be disclosed but as per the predictions and data of the last year, it is assumed that the company will return back to its profitability by this financial year. 

To know the recent financial statement of the firm, the following table is made for reference.


As mentioned earlier that the result will be depending on the decision that would be taken by the investor.

It is important to note that although GMP is also an important factor there are many other aspects that one must consider before planning an investment in an IPO.

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