Zomato IPO GMP

Although it is the Grey Market, the GMP of the IPO says a lot about the listing price of any IPO. Isn’t it? So, if you are looking forward to applying for initial public offerings of Zomato, then here are the complete details of the Zomato IPO GMP. 

As per the IPO review, Zomato is coming with the IPO of size ₹9375 with the price band fixed at ₹72-₹76. 

Now let’s see how Zomato IPO is performing in the Grey Market.

Zomato IPO GMP Today

GMP usually depends on two factors:

  • Expected Demand for the stock
  • Expected Supply of the stock

Other than this the Grey Market usually contain two important data points: 

  • Grey Market Premium 
  • Kostak

Higher GMP depicts higher demand of the IPO and hence more probability of the IPO to get listed at the higher price, on the other hand, negative GMP clearly signifies the low demand of the public offerings. 

But what does the Zomato IPO GMP data depicts? Let’s check the details in the table below: 


Now as per the table above, the IPO GMP percentage is not pretty attractive as the investors are willing only to pay ₹13 additional to get the allotment of the shares. 

It is clear from the above data that the subscription of the IPO would not be the same as expected. 

What do you think, could be the reason for it? Well! The dropping value of the GMP makes it even more important for you to think of whether you should invest in the GMP market or not? 

The final decision eventually depends on your decision but if you find the public offerings profitable and attractive enough then have a quick glance at how to apply for the IPO. 

Zomato IPO Apply

The Zomato IPO date is out now and now you can subscribe in the public offering between 14 July 2021 to 16 July 2021. 

But to apply the first and foremost step for applying is to have a DEMAT ACCOUNT. Next, after opening the DEMAT ACCOUNT, you can apply for the ZOMATO IPO simply via the ASBA method.

Once you open a Demat account with the renowned stockbroker, just log in to the app and follow few important steps:

  • Click on the “IPO”
  • Select Zomato IPO
  • You can review the details of the IPO and then place a maximum of three bids. 
  • Enter the bid price and the market lot. 
  • Select the payment method. 
  • Click on Submit.

The amount corresponding to the bid gets blocked in your bank account. 

Other than this you can also apply offline, by visiting the nearest branch of any bank or stockbroker. 

Should You Invest in the Zomato IPO?

Can I be totally honest with you? There are “ As Many Opinions As MANY MOUTHS” regarding the ZOMATO IPO.

While applying for ZOMATO IPO there are few parameters that need to be kept in mind.

  1. Strength of company
  2. History of the company.
  3. Risks of company
  4. Past financial record.

As per the fundamentals of the company, the company has shown positive growth in terms of revenue from ₹4870 in 2018 to ₹27,427 in March 2020. 

Along with the revenue, the company’s expenses also increased in the span of time but most of the expenses were done on the operational activities, investments, inventories, etc.

The complete data details are shown in the table below:

Seeing the data above and other aspects of the company, it could be a good investment decision for the newbies. Rest do your own analysis and make a wise investment decision. 

So, if you are looking forward to a better return then apply for the IPO by opening your Demat account for FREE!

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