Margin for Delivery Trading


Are your funds not allowing you to invest in your desired stock under the delivery trading? Don’t worry; you can now trade more by reaping the margin for delivery trading. 

But before jumping to the context, let’s learn a little about margin trading

Margin is the leverage or fund offered by the broker to the trade to trade more. Although the margin facilities are generally provided by the broker for intraday trade, there are many in the list that offers leverage for delivery trading as well. 

To know about the margin funds provided by different brokers, let’s dive in!

Margin Required for Delivery Trading

As already discussed, in the world of investors, margin buy means to purchase shares from a broker. You only pay a certain percentage (or margin) of the price, while the broker offers the rest of the money. 

This allows you to invest more thus grabbing more shares than you can actually do with the funds in your hand. 

But here, it is important to note that brokers offer margin for delivery trading by charging a certain percentage of interest. 

It is good to grab complete information around the broker and start investing more. 

Margin for Delivery Trading Zerodha

Zerodha being the topmost and leading discount broker in India, is known for offering trading services at a minimal price, but when it comes to the margin facilities it does not offer any leverage to its customer to trade in the delivery segment. 

Thus, if planning for long term investment with Zerodha demat account, then you have to invest completely yourself. 

Margin for Delivery Trading Angel Broking

The firm, i.e., Angel Broking, provides investment in different segments as a  full-service stockbroker.

Having a demat account with Angel Broking allows you to trade in equity delivery. But unlike Zerodha, here you can multiply your investment up to 3 times by reaping the leverage facility provided to you by the broker. 

To understand the margin for delivery trading in Angel Broking, look at the following table.


Here is a piece of brief information derived from the above table. Angel One allows the leverage of up to three times. Also, note that traders are liable to pay a small amount of Angel One mtf charges annually or per day.

So if you want to buy shares of ₹30,000 you just have to spend around 10,000 and the rest is provided to you by the broker. 

But as discussed earlier, this margin is provided against the interest i.e. around 24% per annum. 

So for the 20,000 funds, you borrow as a margin the interest you need to pay per year is equal to ₹4800. So make sure the shares you bought are fundamentally strong enough that can offer you good returns over time. 

Margin for Delivery Trading IIFL

IIFL is a full-service stockbroker that is controlled and managed by SEBI and also registered under other stock exchanges, including NSE, BSE

It is very necessary to understand the margin for delivery trading in IIFL if you are discussing trade-in equity.


Now is the time to have a quick piece of brief information derived from the above table. IIFL enables the leverage of up to three times in the equity delivery segment.

Margin for Delivery Trading Motilal Oswal

A full-service stockbroker, Motilal Oswal is a registered SEBI company. The company is a CDSL and NSDL  Depository Participant and is also listed on several stock exchanges, including NSE, BSE.

The trading under equity, derivatives, currency, commodity, mutual funds, and IPO are possible in Motilal Oswal.

After grabbing the chunk of Motilal Oswal’s information, now comes the time to check out the margin for delivery trading in Motilal Oswal over the equity segment.


Margin for Delivery Trading Sharekhan

Sharekhan is a full-service agent and a CDSL Depository Participant. The firm is SEBI-registered and allows equity, derivatives, currency, securities, mutual funds, advisory services, IPO, and PMS investments.

After an informative reading, now comes the time to check out some details. These details are margin for delivery trading in Sharekhan. 

Here comes the table with the data that will show the detailed data of equity delivery for a quick understanding.


In the above table, it can be derived that up to five times the company’s share delivery margin can be extracted.

Margin for Delivery Trading 5paisa

5Paisa, being a discount stockbroker, facilitates trading on different stock exchanges, including NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX

Before 2017, 5paisa was a part of the IIFL and deals with investments around the different segments:

The above information will be incomplete if the margin for delivery trading in 5paisa will be missed. So here comes the time when the margin/leverage on the equity delivery will be discussed in the below table.


Now is the time to receive a quick piece of information from the table above. In the equity market, IIFL makes leverages of up to four times.

Margin for Delivery Trading Upstox

Upstox is also a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX and provides trading in different segments, including equity, derivatives, currency, commodity. 

The brief introduction is slicker than the exceeded one. So, after learning the introduction of the firm, now comes the time to understand the margin for delivery trading over the equity segment. 

Like Zerodha, Upstox does not offer any kind of margin facility for its traders. So, here although you can reap the benefit of discount brokerage charges, you can invest in delivery shares only if you have enough shares. 


Margin Trading refers to the method of selling the financial property that constitutes the collateral for the broker’s loan by using borrowed funds of a broker.

The broker borrows the remainder of the money but only pays a certain percentage (or margin) of the amount.

Various firms offer a different margin on equity delivery. But apart from the equity segment, you can check the margins on the desired segment in which you want to invest. 

The above-mentioned stockbrokers offer the best services along with the best margin on the delivery trading. Until now, Groww app doesn’t offer MTF facility to its customers. 

When it reveals it, we will let you know along with mentioning the Groww MTF charges in this post.

It is a hardcore fact that the more you will research, the best you will be informed!

Research, Compare, and Trade!

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