What Is MTM Margin?


As a trader, it is important to know the answer to the question “What is MTM Margin”. This document will deal with this query asked by every trader.

However, before getting deep into the topic, let’s have a quick sneak-peek at what is MTM Margin?

MTM Margin Meaning

MTM is known as Mark-to-Market, which means evaluating the accounts’ fair value like assets and liabilities as it can fluctuate over time.

The main aim of the MTM margin is to offer an assessment based on the current market condition by taking an institution’s or company’s recent financial situation into consideration.

Various securities such as mutual funds and futures trading are marked to the market to showcase these investments’ market value.

The calculated market-to-market loss at the end of each intraday trading is called the market-to-market margin.

Based on what the company will get in exchange for the asset available in the current market conditions,  the MTM can easily show the accurate figure for its asset’s present value.

In the order market, sometimes, the MTM did not represent the asset’s value accurately.

So in simpler terms, MTM Margin is a part of accounting practice involved in the company’s fundamental analysis of stocks.

Mark-to-market contrasts with traditional cost accounting that helps maintain the asset’s value at the original purchase cost.

What Is MTM Margin Future?

Let’s define what is MTM Margin Future. 

In futures trading, on a regular basis, the account available in the futures contract is marked to the market.

On a daily basis, the MTM Margin is calculated and then credited or debited to the margin account.

If we have to look at the features of the futures contract, then you can check this one-

  • The profits and the losses can be settled on the trading days, and this is known as Mark-to-Market settlement.

The balance available in the client’s ledger due to the square-off can also be used for reporting against other margins and the MTM loss for the ‘T’ day.

In short: On a regular basis, the MTM Margin is evaluated, and afterward the same is either credited or debited to the margin account.

MTM Margin Formula

We have understood the types of calculation but it is time to know about the MTM Margin Formula.  To meet the maintenance margin the amount required is calculated as:

Amount to Meet Minimum Maintenance Margin = (Market Value of Securities x Maintenance Margin) – Investor’s Equity

MTM Margin Calculation

Now after understanding the MTM margin, let’s take a quick sneak peek at the way that is included in the MTM margin calculation.

With the MTM method for statement purposes, the position can be valued and with the help of this method, the profit or loss can be computed.

First In, First Out (FIFO), lat In, First Out (LIFO), and maximum loss are the other methods to calculate the positions.

Now there are two calculations types of MTM calculations. These calculations include: 

  • The Transaction Calculations- The transaction calculation takes place during the statement period and known as the Transaction MTM on the statement.
  • For The Positions: Open earlier to the start of the period and known as the Prior Period MTM on the statement.

Earlier, the broker offers two different account to operate equity and commodity margin account, but with new SEBI guidelines, Fyers Single Margin Account is introduced that make it easy for traders to reap leverage benefits without any hassle.

What Is MTM Margin Call?

Wait! Did you know the meaning of the MTM Margin call? If not, then let us first understand what is MTM Margin Call?

To define the margin call, it can be said that it usually occurs when the value of the margin account of an investor falls down to the broker’s required amount.

A broker’s demat is something in which an investor deposits an additional value or the securities through which the minimum value is brought up which is known as the maintenance margin.

As an indicator, the margin call specifies the value lessen of one or more securities that have been held in the margin account.

When Does Margin Call Occurs?

In case of occurrence of a margin call, the investor has to choose between depositing more money or selling some assets.

In brief, when the margin accounts have low funds because of less trade, at that point of time, a margin call occurs. In your margin account, the margin call demands to add the new funds.

In order to return the account to the minimum value, your brokerage firm will close any open positions, if the margin call can not be met and this is called forced sale or liquidation.

A margin call takes place when a margin account’s value falls beneath the maintenance margin requirement of the account.

A margin call is a demand by a brokerage firm to put the balance of the margin account up to the minimum requirement of the maintenance margin.

The formula of Margin Call price is as follows:

Margin Call Price= Initial Purchase Price x 1- Initial price/ 1- Maintenance Margin

To avoid the margin calls, from the equity positions, the investor can use the stop orders to limit the losses.


With the comparison of transaction price and the closing price of the shares, MTM is calculated at the end of the day. 

MTM is defined as the market meaning fair value for accounts, like assets and liabilities calculated as they differ over time.

Depending on what is in the present market conditions, the business in return for the asset, the MTM will quickly display the precise value of the current asset value.

Because of the square-off, the balance available in the customer ledger can also be used to record other margins as well as the loss in MTM on the ‘T’ day.

Mark-to-market is contrary to conventional cost accounts, which help preserve the asset’s value at the initial purchase cost.

In the sense of current market conditions, MTM demonstrates the current financial position of the organization. 

In brief, the MTM provides the measurement of the company assets and investments, which usually becomes accurate.

The process of calculating the MTM Margin can become easy for the traders who are well aware of the MTM Margin.  The MTM Margin formula will help to take out the Amount to Meet Minimum Maintenance Margin.

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