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About Ratnakar Securities

Ratnakar Securities is a financial services company which aims at wealth management for the investors. The company operates as a full-service stockbroker has a diverse range of financial products and services.

Ratnakar Securities is involved in online trading, demat services and distribution of financial products. The offerings include equity, currency, commodity, depository services, financial products like mutual funds, loans, insurances, real estate and portfolio management services.

Ratnakar Securities is registered with and is a member of exchanges like NSE, BSE and NSDL in the equity cash and derivatives segment. The company is also registered for commodities trading on MCX and NCDEX as Ratnakar Commodities.

The aim of Ratnakar Securities is to make the money of the investors grow, in spite of the volatilities in the market. The company is equipped with the knowledge, information and experience to make all the investments fruitful, irrespective of their size.

Ratnakar Securities Active Clients

Ratnakar Securities has a huge client base of about 12,671 active clients. The clients include high net-worth individuals and non-resident Indians, along with the clients of all economic strata.

The client needs are taken care of by the experienced and disciplined staff. There are specialised cells to take care of the investment needs of HNIs and NRIs.

Ratnakar Securities Products & Services

Ratnakar Securities caters to equity cash, equity futures and options and currency futures and options market segments.

Ratnakar Securities offers equity trading. This is done through the trading platforms. The product includes Equity SIP, which is a unique feature to help add up stocks to the portfolio in a disciplined and systematic manner.

Ratnakar Securities also provides real-time portfolio monitoring and customised alerts.

Ratnakar Securities also specialises in derivatives trading in the form of futures and options. They help to create strategies like straddle with futures and options in various indexes.

Ratnakar Securities’ products also include mutual funds, real estate and loans. There are diversified mutual fund investments plans according to the specific needs of the clients and through reliable affiliates.

The loans offered cover personal loans, home loans, vehicle loans and business loans. The real estate division provides support in buying and selling residential and commercial properties and land.

Ratnakar Securities Trading Platforms

Ratnakar Securities provides broking services through web and mobile platforms.

Ratnakar TradExpress

Ratnakar Securities provides web trading services through its platform named Ratnakar TradExpress. The account needs to be opened by either downloading the form online or by contacting the executives directly offline.

The online trading platform provides a wide variety of services. The web platform can be used to trade in a fast, effective and hassle-free manner and the trader can trade at his own convenience using a desktop or laptop.

A unique feature is that a stock SIP can be opened to gather stocks over a period of time. The web platform can be used to buy or sell the securities instantly and also to place aftermarket orders. The transfer of funds is safe and secure through about 40 banks, and so is the trading process with multi-level security.

Ratnakar TradExpress also provides portfolio monitoring facility with trading history and trading statements. The trades can be monitored real-time and the alerts can be customised based on specific needs and requirements.

Ratnakar Securities Mobile App

Ratnakar Securities also offers smart trading using the Ratnakar Securities Mobile App, by the same name TradExpress.

The app is available for Android and iOS and it helps to give the trading power in the hands of the user. The user can access the account anywhere anytime, using his smartphone.

Ratnakar Securities

The mobile app is equipped for trading equities, commodities and derivatives. The trader can also keep a track of his portfolio on a live basis and get real-time stock information and market updates using the mobile application.

Some of the concerns with the Ratnakar Securities Mobile app are:

  • Delayed update frequency
  • Login issues
  • Basic design and user interface
  • Speed and performance related concerns

In simple words, this is one of those mobile apps we don’t want to recommend you for your stock market trades.

Ratnakar Securities Customer Care

Ratnakar Securities provides excellent customer care through its team of skilled, experienced and efficient brokers and staff. The customer care team can be contacted through email, web chat, or offline at the offices of Ratnakar Securities.

Ratnakar Securities Branches

Ratnakar Securities has about 200 outlets which are spread across 30 cities. The branches are manned by experienced staff and brokers. There are specific cells that are dedicated to high net-worth individuals and non-resident Indians.

Ratnakar Securities Pricing

  • The account opening charges are Rs 1652, which include the initial fee along with lifetime free account maintenance. There are no separate account maintenance charges per year.
  • Along with the fee, at the time of account opening, Rs 330 needs to be paid as document charges.

Ratnakar Securities Brokerage

Brokerage is 0.03% for intraday trading and 0.3% for delivery trading.

Check this Ratnakar Securities Brokerage Calculator for more information on brokerage, taxes, GST, Stamp duty etc.

Ratnakar Securities Exposure

The amount of exposure is not specified. It depends on the whether the investor is trading stocks or futures or options. It also depends on whether the investor is using cash and also on the credibility and past record of the client.

Ratnakar Securities Advantages

Ratnakar Securities is an efficient and diversified broker. It provides the following advantages to the traders:

  • The account opening process is easy and quick and gets processed in about 24 hours.
  • The most unique feature is the Equity SIP, which helps in accumulating stock in a systematic and disciplined manner.
  • The company has skilful mutual funds management, with low risk and diverse portfolio.
  • The trading platform is high performing, along with the mobile trading provision.

Ratnakar Securities Disadvantages

The drawbacks of Ratnakar Securities are as follows:

  • The limit and exposure are quite limited.
  • Below average quality research and trading tips.
  • The brokerage charges are towards the higher side compared to the competitors.

Ratnakar Securities Membership Information

The membership information of Ratnakar Securities with different exchanges is as follows:

Ratnakar Securities

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