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  • Large variety of financial products
  • An Old Name in the Industry
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  • Research and trading tips are of average quality

Ratnakar securities is an Ahmedabad based reputed financial company that was established in the year 1994. The company is running its business pretty well for more than two decades now. The company is a full-service stockbroker and offers a wide range of products and services to its customers.

As far as brand equity is concerned, Ratnakar securities is one of the trusted stockbrokers in the market. It has a strong client base of approximately 30,000 spread over 30 cities.  The broker has more than 200 outlets to full-fill the financial needs of investors which includes HNIs and NRIs customers.

Ratnakar Securities Franchise Review

In this long period, Ratnakar securities has acquired many talents and expertise to provide the right direction to the investors. They effectively provide the right investment opportunities to the NRI customers and wealth management to the HNIs customers.

Ratnakar Securities mainly focuses on wealth management and wealth creation needs of investors through its wide range of products and services.

The company has got a strong name among the financial market players by offering products like equity, commodity, Currency, Derivatives, mutual fund, insurance, loan, real estate and portfolio management services (PMS).

The broker is registered and taken membership of NSE, BSE and NSDL in cash and derivatives segment as Ratnakar Securities. For trading of the commodity, the company is registered with exchanges like MCX and NCDEX as Ratnakar commodities.

The broker believes that a business partner plays a vital role in the expansion of any business. So, it provides all the necessary help and offers to attract more business partners towards the company.

In this article, we are going to discuss in details the various important aspects of franchise business through this company. We will discuss business models, revenue sharing ratio, initial investments, offers etc.

Ratnakar securities Franchise Advantages

The following advantages of doing a partnership business with the Ratnakar securities will attract you towards the company.

  • The name factor of the company is enough to attract clients to the company.
  • You can provide your clients with a real-time portfolio monitoring facility.
  • Your clients will not find it tough to open an account with you as the company has an easy and quick way to open an account.
  • Provides customized stock alerts on your client preferred stock.
  • Your client will be benefitted by some well-known strategies to the downside of their portfolio in the derivatives segment.
  • You can provide broking services to your clients through the web and mobile platform. Provides high-performing trading platform.
  • Provides multi-business model, you can choose any of the models according to your eligibility, convenience and goal.
  • Your clients will enjoy a quick, safe and easy transfer of funds through more than 40 banks.
  • Can start Stock SIP within a second.
  • Facility to put order after the market closes.
  • Clients can make their personalized watch list of stocks.

Ratnakar Securities Franchise Types

The broker offers three types of business models.

Ratnakar Securities Sub-Broker/Authorized person:

This is the first and important type of business model offered by Ratnakar securities. Under this model, you are allowed to use all services of the main broker. You can provide the same trading platform, research analysis reports, customer service etc. to your clients. It means you will totally act as a broker.

Client acquisition, revenue generation from those clients, any fee or charge of your clients all will be your responsibility.

You will get a higher share of revenue generated by your clients under this business model. You will have to deposit some security money as per the demand of the broker. That security money will be refundable after deducting some non-refundable amount when you want to exit from the agreement.

You will have to set-up a separate office with the necessary infrastructure, your clients will work from there. And, it will be your responsibility to resolve the problems of your clients related to trading.


  • You will get an attractive revenue sharing ratio.
  • The broker will help you in the advertisement for your new business.
  • Right to access everything used by the main broker from the trading platform, tools, analysis and reports.
  • You are free to change the charge structure to attract more clients to your business.
  • A wide range of innovative products to offer to your client.

Ratnakar Securities Business Associate:

Business Associate is the second model offered by the Ratnakar securities. Under this model, You will act as an agent between the broker and the client. Your job is limited to the acquisition of the client and introducing them to the main broker.

A business associate shares a very less percentage of revenue generated by the clients they acquire. The revenue sharing ratio for the business associate of Ratnakar securities is between 10%-30%. Rest 70% of revenue will go to the broker, which is obviously lion’s share of the whole deal.

As a business associate of Ratnakar securities, you will get sitting space within the office of the broker to deal with the clients. You are required to deposit some security money to the broker also.

You will be asked to sign an agreement with the Ratnakar securities you start a business with them as a Business Associate.


  • There is no requirement for you to set-up a separate office.
  • Reasonable revenue sharing ratio according to the limited work.
  • Less effort required.
  • You can work with the motive of part-time work or extra earning.

Ratnakar Securities Franchise Revenue sharing ratio

When you set up a stockbroking business with an established brand, there is a specific share each of the party (you, as a sub-broker/franchise and the stockbroker) carries. This is based on a number of factors including the overall brokerage generated, broker’s policies, business model type, your client size etc.

Sub-broker/Authorized person:

The range of revenue sharing ratio of Ratnakar securities is between 40%-70%.  It means you will get maximum 70% of the brokerage generated and the remaining 30% will be kept by the broker. Though, this ratio is not fixed. It can be increased by the main broker if you bargain with them.

But, there are some criteria on which Ratnakar securities will increase the revenue sharing ratio. If you deposit higher security money and or the revenue generated by your clients is more the assigned target, then the broker may increase the sharing ratio.

Suppose, if you generate ₹1,00,000 revenue in a month then you will get ₹70,000 and rest ₹30,000 will be kept by the broker.

Business Associate:

The range of revenue sharing ratio for the business associate of Ratnakar securities is in the range of 10%-30%. This range is at par with the industry and justified also. The workload of a business associate is very limited.

They are only supposed to bring clients to the company and how much revenue will be generated by those clients are totally the responsibility of the main broker.

It means the maximum percentage of revenue will be kept by the Ratnakar securities and you will get a maximum of 30% revenue as your commission or fee.

This may look less, but at the same time, it needs to be understood that the share of the workload and overall responsibility you get is very minimal in nature too.

Ratnakar Securities Franchise Initial investment

Sub-broker/Authorized person:

Sub-broker/Authorized person is required to deposit some security deposit with the Ratnakar securities. The range of security deposit is between ₹50,000 – ₹2,50,000. You can deposit any amount between this range. But it will decide your revenue sharing ratio up to some extent.

The security deposit is refundable money, it will be refunded when you want to exit from the agreement with the broker. Some amount will be deducted before refunding the full amount to you.

It includes cost incurred in setting up your office, expenses made for providing trading terminal and miscellaneous expenses etc.

Business Associate:

Business Associate is required to deposit a minimum amount as a security deposit to the Ratnakar securities. This amount is required to deposit on behalf of their clients. The amount of security deposit is ₹10,000.

Ratnakar Securities Franchise Registration

By following the below-mentioned steps, you can become a sub-broker of Ratnakar Securities.

  • Fill-up the registration form available on the website with all required details. You may choose to use the below-displayed form as well:
Sub Broker Business
  • Receive a call from the customer care executive to verify your interest in the partnership business.
  • Get another call from the company to know the brief detail of the partnership business-like in which type of business model you are interested, what are the benefits of a particular business model, security deposit etc. An appointment will be fixed in this call
  • You are free to ask any type of question-related to the partnership business of Ratnakar securities in the meeting with an executive.
  • You will be asked to submit all required documents for the verification purpose.
  • After verification, an account ID will be provided to start your business.
  • Now, you are ready to start your own business under the brand name of Ratnakar securities.

It will take almost 8-12 business days to complete the whole process.

Ratnakar Securities Franchise Summary

Ratnakar securities is in the broking field from the last several years. So, it is a well-known brand among market players. It has a wide offline presence. The company offers multi-business models to customers with attractive revenue sharing and average security deposit.

You can choose any model as per your requirement and convenience. The broker offers a wide range of financial services to the investors.

Thus, we can say that Ratnakar securities is one of the best brokers to start a franchising business.

If in case you are looking to get started with stockbroking business, let us assist you in taking things forward from here:

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