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Celebrus Franchise


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  • Offers two business models
  • High accuracy of research reports
  • Free trading account


  • Offers limited trading products
  • Limited offline presence
  • Needs improvement in trading platform

Celebrus is a full-service stockbroker and the broking arm of the company Commodity Online Group. The headquarter of the broker is in Kochi, Kerala (check stockbrokers in Kochi). The parent company established in the year 2007 and is well-known for commodity trading.

Celebrus Franchise business is one of the prominent options you may have in the stockbroking business space.

Celebrus provides an online trading facility for the convenience of investors. They can trade either from the office or home wherever they want. Online trading is supported by a robust back office platform which is built in house.

Celebrus Franchise Review

The full-service stockbroker is a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX, NCDEX, and NMCE. It provides you and your clients to trade across the following segments.

The number of active clients of Celebrus is approximately 5800. However, the broker has a limited offline presence with offices in 12 cities of the country.

By becoming a business partner or Celebrus franchisee of the broker, you will get one of the best research supports which is the most important aspect one looks at when it comes to trading or investing in commodities and equities. The broker is known for the accuracy of its research reports, tips, guiding your clients for the trading solution.

In this article, we will try to cover every important aspect of Celebrus franchise like the types of the partnership business, revenue sharing ratio, initial investment or security deposit, advantages, offers and many more.

Celebrus Franchise Types

Celebrus offers you two types of business model i.e.

  • Business partner/sub-broker
  • Master franchise

Celebrus Business partner/Sub-broker:

Sub-broker model is a general business model offered by most of the broking houses. Under this model, you get the right to start your own business under the brand name of the main broker. You are required to acquire clients for your business and set up an office from where your clients can work.

Although, you will get marketing and technical support from the broker also. You also need to have a minimum infrastructure like desktops, internet connections, telephones etc.

You will also get right to access everything of the broker which is required for investing. The broker offers you a reasonably attractive revenue sharing ratio.


  • Right to access all tools and technology of the broker for the investing purpose.
  • An opportunity to become an entrepreneur with the brand name of the broker.
  • You can change the brokerage fee according to you.
  • Support in the establishment of a new business set-up.
  • Help in client acquisition.

Celebrus Master Franchise model:

The Master franchise model is offered by less broking house. This model is the same as the sub-broker model but in this model, you get the right to run your business exclusively in a particular area. That is no other franchise of Celebrus to run its business in that region.

All other sub-broker under that area will be mapped under your franchise or business. In fact, you get the right to set-up sub-broker under your network without any interference from the team of the main broker.

The revenue sharing ratio is a bit higher than the sub-broker model as the responsibility is also higher.


  • Right to set-up sub-broker under your network.
  • Right to run business exclusively in a particular region.
  • No interference from the main broker.
  • Right to work under the brand name of Celebrus.

Celebrus Franchise Revenue Sharing Ratio

With any broker you set-up your business, you will be getting a specific cut or commission based on the amount of business you generate. The amount of sharing depends on multiple factors including the business model you are in with the broker.

As far as the Celebrus Franchise is concerned, here are the details:

Sub-broker model:

The revenue sharing ratio of the sub-broker model is in the range of 40%-70%. The range is in line with the industry. Though this range is not final, it can be increased also depending on some predetermined factors set by the broker. Those factors include the projected revenue, bargaining power, security deposit etc.

Celebrus will keep the remaining percentage of revenue. It means if the monthly revenue generated by your clients is ₹1,00,000 then the sub-broker will keep ₹70,000 and the main broker will keep ₹30,000.

Master Franchise model:

Master Franchise shares better revenue than the sub-broker. The workload and responsibility of master franchise are more than the sub-broker, so the revenue sharing ratio. The range of revenue sharing ratio is 60%-80%. Means as a master franchise you will get as minimum as 60% of the revenue generated.

However, the range can be increased by the main broker depending on the same factor as described above in the sub-broker model.


Celebrus Franchise Initial investment

In order to set up a business with Celebrus Franchise, you will need to come up with an initial investment to the broker.

Sub-broker model:

The security deposit required under the sub-broker model is ₹50,000 and above. The security deposit is refundable at the time of the end of the contract. They require an initial investment for start-up their business in the range of ₹2,00,000- ₹5,00,000.

The security deposit is used by the broker in case the sub-broker do not deposit any money demanded by the broker in the future on time.

Master franchise model:

The security deposit required under the master franchise model is ₹1,00,000 and above. It can go higher also if you want. The revenue sharing ratio depends on the security deposit up to some extent. The higher the security deposit, the higher the revenue sharing ratio.

While the initial investment required to start or set-up the business is the same as the sub-broker model.

Both the initial investment and security deposit under both the business models are in-line with the other brokers in the industry.


Celebrus Franchise Registration

By going through the below-mentioned steps one can easily register for Celebrus sub-broker.

  • Fill the form available on the website with all required details. You may choose to fill the below-displayed form as well:
Sub Broker Business
  • Receive a call from the call centre executive to verify your interest in the partnership business.
  • You will get another call from the company to fix an appointment for the detailed discussion.
  • At the meeting,  You can ask questions related to the partnership business like the business models, revenue sharing ratio, security deposit or initial investments, documents etc.
  • Submit all required documents for the verification purpose with the cheque of the security deposit.
  • An agreement will be signed by both parties.
  • After verification, they will provide you with an account ID through which you can start your business.

Celebrus Franchise Advantages

One who starts a partnership business with Celebrus will get the following advantages.

  • Celebrus organizes a free training program for your clients so that they can get knowledge about the trading platforms, trading tools and other technology used by the broker for the investing purpose.
  • Ente Ohari– This is an investor awareness program launched by the company. The program creates awareness of the benefit of investing in equities. This program gives an idea to investors about picking the right stocks, investment strategies that give a better return and educating the new investors about technical terms.
  • The broker provides guidance to the investors on what strategy they should use to get the profit from the investment in long-term and short-term.
  • You will be able to provide accurate guidance to your clients on fundamental and technical analysis.
  • The broker has decent intra-day level exposure for equity segment.
  • They provide assistance in opening a free Trading account.
  • The Broker offers you a lucrative revenue sharing ratio.
  • Celebrus also helps clients in getting their PAN cards.

Celebrus Franchise Summary

Celebrus is one of the prominent players in the stockbroking space in India. It offers two types of business model, you can choose as per your choice and convenience. They also offer affordable security deposit which helps you in starting your business with less money also. The revenue sharing ratio is competitive and also you will get support in your business set-up and marketing.

On the other hand, we can see that the broker is not specialized in any specific area. Also, the investing product segment is also not broad. Obviously, they are trying to improve all its areas to give better value to their clients and partners.

Overall, if you are looking to start a partnership business with Celebrus, then you can take a chance and meet with the team of the broker for more information. The broker is an average broking house and trying its best to do perform better and better.

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