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  • All trading and investing products under one roof
  • Affordable security deposit
  • Attractive revenue sharing ratio


  • Average customer service
  • Mobile apps needs improvement

IndiaNivesh Securities is a full-service stockbroker established in the year 2006. IndiaNivesh Partner business comes from this full-fledged financial service company that caters to a reasonable number of customers. The branches of the company are spread all over the country. 

With 11 years of experience in the financial market, the company has a deep understanding of this field. Business partners and clients can take benefit from the experience gained by the company specifically in the stockbroking space.

IndiaNivesh Partner Review

To provide an effective solution to the customers, the experienced team of IndiaNivesh has developed technological tools that can be customized and easily used to analyze the stock market direction.

The broker offers a wide range of products and services to clients. The specialized services of the broker include broking, sales, and trading of institutional equities and distribution of financial products.

Here is the list of products that a business partner can offer to their clients.

The available products can be customized according to the requirements of the clients. The broker is a registered member of NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX and NCDEX.

The broker offers services like portfolio management services, strategic investments, private equity investment, wealth management, investment banking and corporate advisory.

In this article, we will discuss all important points related to the IndiaNivesh partner program like the types of business models they offer, revenue sharing ratio, initial investments, offers, support and many more.

IndiaNivesh Partner Advantages

Following are advantages of joining hands with IndiaNivesh:

  • You will be able to provide free research to your clients so that they can easily make profitable trading and long-term as well as short-term investment decision.
  • IndiaNivesh provides a wide range of products and services to the customers so that they can get all products under one roof. This makes it convenient for the customers that they can choose any trading and investing product.
  • You can provide your client with customized research reports based on financial analysis, meeting with the management of the companies, etc. They deliver quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports as well as investment recommendations.
  • The broker offers you, two business models, one is the sub-broker model and another is the franchise model. One can choose anyone according to their choice and financial strength.
  • The full-service stockbroker offers an attractive revenue sharing ratio.
  • The brokerage charge of the broker is very low in comparison of other brokers in the industry.
  • Provides decent customer care to the customers through which they can ask about their queries.
  • They provide full support in the marketing and training of the client. Through training, they try to make your clients understand about the trading platforms and other technology used by them.
  • You will also get client acquisition support to make your business base strong and earn a good profit to run your business.

IndiaNivesh Partner Models

The broker offers two types of the business model i.e.

  • Sub-broker model
  • Franchisee model

Sub-broker model:

Under this model, you will need to set-up an office with all the necessary infrastructure. You will get the brand name of the broker to start your business and acquire clients.

You have to make your own client base to do your business. This model supports you if you want to start your business with a low initial investment.

You will get an attractive revenue sharing ratio.

This model suits you if you want to become an entrepreneur with low investment and can make more and more clients.


  • Right to access all trading platforms, tools and technology used by the broker.
  • You can fix the brokerage charge for your clients.
  • An attractive revenue sharing ratio.
  • Affordable initial investment.

Franchisee model:

This model suits you if you are looking to earn extra.

You need not make an investment to start the business. This model allows you to work from anywhere either from your office or home. You just need to acquire clients for the company, and the rest of the work will be done by the company.

You will get a share of the revenue generated by your acquired clients.

As the most important part of the work is done by the broker so they will get the maximum percentage of the revenue generated. You will be asked to deposit a minimal amount as security money.


  • No initial investment required.
  • Work as a part-time or full-time job.
  • You will get an attractive share of revenue generated by the clients.
  • The workload is minimal.
  • Can work from anywhere.

IndiaNivesh Partner: Revenue Sharing model

Sub-broker model:

If you start a partnership business under the sub-broker model, you will get a revenue share in the range of 50%-80%. This range is not final, it can be increased on the basis of your prospected revenue generation, experience in this field, security deposit etc.

But, the best part is you will get as minimum as 50% of the revenue and the maximum limit can be increased.

The main broker will keep the remaining 20%-50% of the revenue generated by your business.

Franchisee model:

As a franchisee of IndiaNivesh, you can get 10%-30% of the revenue generated by your acquired clients. The range of revenue share is in line with the industry. It may vary also, depending upon the company at the time of the agreement.

As the workload under this model is limited, so the revenue percentage is also justified.


IndiaNivesh Partner Security deposit

Sub-broker model:

To start a business under the sub-broker model, You need to deposit security money with the broker. You are required to deposit a minimum of ₹50,000 as security money, this money can be increased if you want.

Actually, your revenue sharing ratio depends on the security deposit up to the maximum extent. The security deposit will be refunded by the broker after deducting some non-refundable money at the time of the end of the contract.

Franchisee model:

If you want to start as a franchise with IndiaNivesh, you are required to give just ₹10,000 security money.

This is a minimal amount that one can afford easily. As a franchisee need not set-up an office or other infrastructure this amount is justified.


IndiaNivesh Partner Registration

The following steps are needed to follow if you want to become a sub-broker of IndiaNivesh

  • Fill the registration form available on the website with your basic details. You can use the following form as well:
Sub Broker Business
  • The call center executive will give you a call to verify your interest.
  • Again, you will get a call from the sales executive of the broker to fix an appointment with the team of brokers.
  • At the meeting, you can ask everything related to the partnership business with the broker like which model you are interested in, their benefits, revenue sharing ratio, security deposit, advantages etc.
  • You will be asked to submit all required documents for verification purposes with the security deposit cheque.
  • After all verification, an agreement will be signed between both parties.
  • Now, they will provide you with an account ID.
  • You are all set to start your partnership business with IndiaNivesh and get handsome revenue with a successful business.

The whole process will take almost 8-12 days to complete.

IndiaNivesh Partner Summary

IndiaNivesh is not too old in the broking space. It provides you with an opportunity to get all trading and investment products under one roof. It offers you two options to start a partnership business with them. The revenue sharing ratio is attractive and in line with the other brokers in the industry.

The security deposit demanded by the broker is affordable. So, these things are in your favor if you want or thinking to start a partnership business with IndiaNivesh.

Overall, we can say that IndiaNivesh is one of the average category broking houses and the company is trying to expand its business through its sub-brokers and franchisee. So, there is a great chance for you to become a successful businessman.

In case you are looking to get started with stockbroking business, let us assist you in getting started:

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