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Have a Dhani Stocks Demat account but not enough funds for placing orders? Then, Dhani Stocks margin would be the perfect solution to your problems.

Following suit to many stockbrokers in the country, Dhani Stocks too offers the margin facility, which is hugely beneficial for traders who lack the funds to purchase an asset on the spot.

Traders consider a lot while choosing a stockbroker to open a Demat account, and one such facility is that of margin. Traders who opt for the Demat account services of the broker are taken well care of in that regard.

Dhani Stocks, previously known as Indiabulls Securities Ltd, is the newest entrant on the list of discount brokers. Dhani Stocks Trading provides excellent trading facilities, and likewise, the margin facility is top-notch in terms of quality.

The SEBI registered discount broker is a depository participant of NSDL and is a listed member of NSEBSENCDEXMCX stock exchanges.

But again, there are some particulars that need to be taken care of. Here in this article, we learn about all the details of the Dhani Stocks Margin facility.

Dhani Stocks Margin Review

Margin, in simpler words, is a type of loan from a stockbroker to help trade purchase stocks for delivery, execute orders. In turn, the trader is charged an interest rate by the broker for this service.

While trading with Indiabulls Dhani Stocks, the trader needs to pay an interest rate of 12% on the margin amount.

Since the majority of stockbrokers charge an interest rate of 18%, Dhani Stocks margin trading is a better opportunity for traders to make profits in the stock market.

The broker provides the margin facility in equity, futures, and commodity financial products. For equity, the same services can be availed in both intraday and delivery segments.

The margin or leverage offered by the broker varies across the trading segments. This facility is majorly availed by the intraday traders who need to trade in volumes for making bigger profits in a short span of time.

Additionally, the margin rates are decided by the risk factor attached to a specific trading segment, scrip. The thumb rule dictates that the higher the risk is in a segment, scrip the higher is the margin offered by a broker.

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Dhani Stocks Margin Trading

As discussed above, the Dhani Stocks margin trading facility can be availed by traders for carrying out trade in the equity, currency, futures, and options financial segments.

Traders who want to avail the facility can refer to the below-mentioned list, which details the margin rates for every segment.


As seen be seen from the above table, intraday traders get as much as 10 times margin for equity and 3 times for commodity trading, which is considerably low.

Especially when you compare it with the leverage offered by other stockbrokers in the industry, where intraday traders are offered as much as 28 times leverage for the traded amount.

Dhani Stocks Margin Intraday

Margin trading is governed by the trend that day traders are most often the ones that opt for the services. This is good news for short term traders who want to make quickfire money.

The following table contains the details of Dhani Stocks Margin Intraday for every financial product:


Dhani Stocks Margin Equity

In case, you want to avail margin for equity trading. Having a Demat account with the broker will serve you well in that aspect.

Traders can opt for Dhani Stocks Margin equity facility and the below table covers all the  details:


Dhani Stocks Margin For Commodity

The broker is affiliated with NCDEX, MCX commodity exchanges, and traders short on funds for trading in the commodity segment can opt for Dhani Stocks Margin for commodity.

The broker offers 3 times the leverage in commodity trading.


Dhani Stocks Margin F&O

Since Derivatives are one of the most popular financial products, the broker seems to cater to this need of traders through its Dhani Stocks Margin F&O facility.


Traders can avail margin for derivative trading in Equity and currency trading segments. The following table contains all the details :


The broker doesn’t offer F&O margin facility for commodity trading.

Dhani Stocks Margin Charges

Nothing comes free of cost, so does the margin facility provided by this broker. Margin or leverage is a kind of loan provided by the stockbroker to help traders carry out trade. 

In turn, the broker charges an interest rate from the trader. 

As for Dhani Stocks margin charges, traders need to pay an interest rate of 12% on the total margin amount. 

Dhani Stocks Margin Calculator

Dhani Stocks Margin Calculator is the tool that will help traders to check the various margin offered by the broker in equity, commodity, currency financial products. 

While we have discussed the margin values offered by the broker across segments, the margin values also differ from one stock to stock. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for traders part to learn these values.

If you want to calculate the leverage offered by the broker, you can make use of this Dhani Stocks Margin calculator.


Dhani Stocks, previously known as Indiabulls Ventures, is a discount broker known for its quality stockbroking services. The discount broker seems to cater to all kinds of trading needs of its customers.

One of the most sought after facilities in a stockbroker is that of margin trading. Traders who have an account with the broker can avail Dhani Stocks margin facility to participate in trading as per their needs.

The broker extends its margin facility to traders to carry out equity, derivatives, currency, and commodity trade. The leverage thus offered by the broker varies across the financial segments.

Taking note of the fact that the facility is more useful for intraday trading, the broker offers leverage across all the above-mentioned trading segments. 

But, you can also choose the margin facility for delivery trading.

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