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Well, Dhani Stocks is acquiring a good name in the short period of time. If you, too, are availing its quality services then you should learn about the Dhani Stocks app.

The broker has a dedicated mobile app that allows traders various facilities, right from opening a Dhani Stocks Demat account to trading in various financial securities such as equity, derivatives, (Futures and Options), currency and commodity etc. 

The discount broker, which was previously named Indiabulls Ventures Ltd., has around 40,357 customers as per the latest NSE records.

The number might seem small, especially when you compare them with the biggiest of the Indian stock market but the brokers comes up with the fascinating facilities that helps traders to trade in multiple trading segments. 

To further enhance the attraction quotient is their brokerage charges, which can easily be counted as among the lowest in the industry. 

The discount broker is doing a fine job in bringing in new clients, and the Dhani Stocks App certainly plays a crucial part in that case.

Whenever the person is looking for the broker, the foremost thing he or she looks for is the trading platform. Dhani Stocks mobile trading app is loaded with unique features with the best UI that enhances the users trading experience.  

So, in this article, we learn about the various features of the Dhani Stocks app in full detail.

Dhani Stocks App Review

In the stock market, where prices go up and down in a matter of seconds, traders today know the value of every second, every hour of the day.

Dhani Stocks Trading platforms such as the Dhani app help traders capitalize on such fluctuations, trading opportunities.

Traders can literally spend hours upon hours waiting for the right trading opportunity to arrive, and then they find themselves lacking the right resources to make the most of the occasion. 

This isn’t something unheard of before, but clients of the broker won’t have to face such problems. But, clients of the broker are provided with ample resources in the form of the Dhani Stocks mobile trading platform.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the app, discussing its features, charges. 


Dhani Stocks App Features

We begin by learning about the various features that make the app stand out from the rest and offer the best facilities to traders:

1. Latest Market Data & News – One of the biggest features of the app is that it keeps traders updated with the latest stock market news, market data. Traders need to be watchful of newly introduced laws, announcements, or significant events related to the stock market.

2. Easy to Use – The user interface of the Indiabulls mobile app has been designed in a manner to make it possible for traders to easily navigate through the app and access various features.

3. Watchlists – The app offers traders the facility of watchlists, which allows them to keep a look at multiple stocks simultaneously from a single window. Through this feature, traders can add various scrips to their watchlists and add stocks from various sectors.

4. Price Quotes – Another Dhani Stocks app feature is that it allows traders to get live price quotes. Traders can get price quotes of desired stocks as per their trading preferences.

5. Trading and Investment Ideas – The clients get access to the trading and investment ideas generated by their in-house research team to help traders make better decisions.

Traders further have the privilege of tips, recommendations for different assets, sectors, etc. Being a discount broker, this facility is what sets the broker apart in the industry.

6. Manage your Account – Traders get the luxury of managing their accounts from anywhere, anytime, and thus allowing them to stay up-to-date with their trading activities. Traders can use the app to easily know the status of their transactions with just a few clicks.

7. Account Opening in Minutes – Traders can use the app to open a Demat account with the broker in just a few minutes. The trader simply has to download the app and:

  • Choose a subscription plan
  • Pay the account opening charges
  • Submit the mandatory documents

Dhani Stocks Mobile App Download

Non-clients can set up a Demat account with the broker using the Dhani Stocks mobile app. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android-based smartphones.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store (iOS users) and Google Play Store (Android users). Here’s how :

1. Android users need to visit the Google Play Store, and likewise, iOS users the App Store.
2. Type Dhani Stocks in the search box and run a search for the term.
3. Find and Install the app.
4. After installing the app on your phone, you will have two options at your disposal. If you are a new client, you will need to open a new account. In case you’re an existing client, then you can log in to your account by providing your Client ID, Password, and either your PAN Number or Birth Year to validate your identity.

Dhani Stocks Login

Once you have downloaded the app, next comes the task of logging into the app. Well, logging into your account through the app is a pretty straightforward task.

Here’s the Dhani Stocks App login process:

1. Run the app, and you will be directed to the login page immediately.
2. There you will be required to fill the login form with your account credentials such as –

  • Client ID
  • Password
  • PAN Number/Birth Year

3. Press “Login” to gain access to your Dhani Stocks Demat account.

How To Use Dhani Stocks App?

Follow the above-mentioned steps to install the app on your smartphone. After which, you can use the application to place orders, perform various trading operations.

Here’s how to use the Dhani Stocks App:

For Non Clients 

1. Upon installing the application, you will need to set up an account with the broker to start your trading journey.
2. Traders can open their accounts by clicking on the “Open a Dhani Stocks Account” button, which directs you to the registration page.
3. The registration page contains the account opening form, which requires the trader to provide the following details : 

  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • City
  • Referral Code (Optional)

4. Next, the trader will be required to submit a couple of documents to complete the account opening process
5. That’s it; you are all set to begin trading. You can sort the stocks you want to add to your watchlists or place trades. 

For Existing Clients

1. However, an already existing client can log in to their account by providing their credentials.
2. The user will be directed to their account, and they can sort the stocks on the basis of various parameters such as sectors, industries, etc.
3. The app provides you the feature of creating your own customized watchlist that helps you in shortlisting some of the stocks and analyze them accordingly.
4. You can make use of the historical charts to execute intraday trade and to read the fundamentals of the company in stocks for long term investment


Dhani Stocks is one of the names that has recently been attracting a lot of attention from traders and investors alike. That’s for all the right reasons, which include their trading app – Dhani Stock App.

The broker who operated in the market by the name Indiabulls Ventures LTD. recently made the shift from a full-service stockbroker to a discount broker and has since enjoyed a dramatic rise in the number of clients acquired. 

The broker has various trading platforms to cater to the needs of the traders who like to trade from the comfort of their homes or who simply are flexible in their trading regime.

Moving forward on the topic of trading platforms, the Dhani Stocks app is a mobile-based application that offers traders the flexibility of placing trades anywhere, anytime.

The app is available for both Android as well as iOS-based smartphones.

The mobile application has various features such as watchlists, live price quotes, access to live market news that ensure an excellent trading experience.

Further, there’s also a facility for traders who aren’t yet a client of the broker to open a Dhani Stocks Demat account through the app. 

All in all, the Dhani Stocks mobile app definitely gets the job done.

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