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  • An old name in broking space
  • Low initial security deposit
  • An opportunity to grow through District business partner model


  • Low brand awareness
  • Average quality of customer support service

Inditrade Franchise business comes with support at different levels, be it marketing assistance, business development, cash flow, training, operational help and more. In this review, we will have a look at the different parameters potential business parties must be looking at before they take their final call.

Inditrade Franchise Basics

Inditrade has completed more than 2 decades of journey and growth in the field of financial market. Inditrade is a Kochi based full-service stockbroker started its journey in the year 1994 (at that time the name of the company was JRG Securities).

The company has seen a lot of transformation in its long journey, especially in the field of Equity and commodity.

The broker has a stronghold in the southern parts of the country. You can easily find branches and franchises in these parts as the presence of this stockbroker is relatively higher than the rest of the parts of the country.

Inditrade has presently more than 13,000 active clients for the year 2018-19. If you decide to become a business partner of Inditrade you will get regular research reports. A comprehensive research report helps to trade easily with higher chances of getting profit. You will also get the daily recommendation and trading tips from the broker.

Inditrade Franchise

The broker has also made it easy to transfer funds between trading and bank account for traders. It has availed easy fund transfer facility through 28 banks of the country and that is certainly a good number.

The broker has the membership of NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, MCX-SX, and IPSTA. The Broker allows its clients and business partners to trade in the following segments.

If you are thinking to start a partnership business with Inditrade then you will get an option to start a ‘District partnership’. This option of business partnership is different from the rest of the brokers. Such a partnership model is rarely offered by a broker.

In this article, we will discuss different aspects of Inditrade franchise such as business model, revenue sharing ratio, initial investment, offers to the sub-broker etc.

Inditrade Franchise Advantages

If you start a partnership business with Inditrade, you will get the below-mentioned advantages.

  • You will get a wide range of trading products (as mentioned above) under the same roof.
  • An opportunity to start ‘district partnership business’ in which you can open many branches within a specific district.
  • The expert management team will help you to handle every situation in a very smart way.
  • Daily research conference calls will be given.
  • Productivity enhancement and business reports tools.
  • A Centralized dealing support system to help traders.
  • Hi-tech customer help desk to help on any trade-related matters.
  • Investors and business partner training will be provided on the base level and advanced courses.
  • A strong client management system.
  • You will get real-time market information and market-related updates.
  • To help in decision making the broker has an advisory desk with research and advisory calls, reports and services.
  • The advantage of a quick and customized service.

Inditrade Franchise Types

You have an opportunity to work with Inditrade in two different ways. You can choose which one suits you.

  • Business partner – (Sub-broker)
  • District business partner.

Inditrade gives an exclusive chance to those who want to engage with inditrade broking business. You can start your business through a sub-broker model in two different ways in which one is for the District business partner.

Let’s discuss at length:

Business partner (Sub-broker):

Under this model, a business partner is allowed to access all services used by the broker. A sub-broker is also allowed to offer all trading products to their clients.

A sub-broker requires to deposit security money to the main broker to start the business. You will get an attractive revenue sharing and an opportunity to earn more.

Here are some of the benefits which you will get as a business partner of the Inditrade.

  • A business partner will get weekly incentive payouts.
  • The limits and exposure offered by Inditrade are one of the best in the industry.
  • Fast account opening process.
  • One can access all marketed products and services by the company.
  • A business partner can easily access web-based statements and reports.
  • Facility of exclusive help desk for any client and business partners.
  • Business development managers are assigned to each business partner for their support.

District business partner:

This model is specially designed for those who want to work for a particular district. A business partner under this model is assigned the whole district. You will be allowed to open branches of your business all over the district.
District business partner will require to deposit security money to the Inditrade.

You will get a lucrative revenue sharing.

By joining hands with Inditrade under this model you will get the following benefits:

  • You will get exclusivity for your district business. In other words, no other business can use this broker’s name to set up an office as competition in your district.
  • The long-term commitment of the broker for your growth. You will be assured by the company for your bright career and attractive revenue.
  • You can maintain a close relationship with senior management.
  • The broker provides the surety of your business stability by sustained organizational support. The company helps you to face and take advantage of the ever-changing market situations.
  • The most important, for expansion of your business, you will get the ability to open multiple branches and franchise throughout the district.

Inditrade Franchise Revenue Sharing Ratio

The revenue sharing ratio of Inditrade is in the range of 30%-70%. It means if you are ready to work with Inditrade, you can earn as high as 70% of revenue generated.

The highest range is not fixed. It can go up also, depending on the revenue generated by a partner and amount of security deposit.

Inditrade Franchise

Suppose, total revenue generated by a partner is ₹1,00,000 then he/she will get ₹70,000 and Inditrade will keep ₹30,000 only.

The range of revenue sharing is in line with the industry. It may go high as well as low also according to the broker’s term and condition.

Inditrade Franchise Security Deposit

In order to start a partnership business with Inditrade, you will be asked to deposit specific security money. The range of security deposit is ₹50,000 – ₹2,00,000.

This money is taken for setting up your business with the necessary furniture and equipment required for starting a business. The security deposit is refundable money, which will be refunded at the time of your exit from the agreement with the broker.

The security deposit mentioned above is in line with the industry. Higher the deposit, higher the revenue sharing ratio and vice-versa.

Inditrade Franchise Offers

  • You can transfer 50% funds on the same day against a sell position.
  • You will get Arbitrage or we can say a strategy to market neutral in equity and commodity.
  • An opportunity to invest in equities, gold, mutual fund etc. to create wealth.
  • Advisory support available to trade in equities, commodities, and currency.
  • You will get an online trading platform through which you can trade from office or home or any other place where you will be.

Inditrade Franchise Registration

To become a business partner of Inditrade, you will have to follow the following steps.

  • Fill the registration form available on the website with all basic details. You may choose to use the below shown form as well:
Sub Broker Business
  • You will get a call to confirm your interest in the partnership business.
  • Again, you will get a call from the executive of the company to give you a brief detail of franchise, business model, revenue sharing ratio etc. and will fix an appointment with to discuss in detail.
  • At the meeting, you can clear all queries and ask questions to make everything clear.
  • You are required to submit all documents demanded by the company for verification purpose.
  • After verification, an account ID will be provided.

All process will take almost 8-10 business days to complete.

Inditrade Franchise Summary

Inditrade is in the broking business for a long time. It offers various trading and investment products to the clients. The broker has easy steps to become a business partner. Offers average research reports and good advisory support.

The revenue sharing ratio and security deposit money are in line with the industry. One can bargain for the higher ratio of revenue sharing.

One can expand their business by taking business model of District business partner. It will help a business partner to start multi-branches in the district. Overall, we can say one can start a partnership business with Inditrade with average expectation.

If you are looking to start a stockbroking business, let us assist you in getting it started.

Sub Broker Business

Note: The brokerage firm Inditrade capital Ltd. (formerly JRG securities) has announced that it will sell its equity brokerage firm to the peer Choice equity broking Pvt.Ltd.

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