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Are you interested in the Partnership or Business model offered by Angel Broking? If yes, then this article on the Angel Broking Sub Broker list offers you complete information on its business model.

Angel Broking Sub Broker list includes the three different options to be a Sub Broker with them. Hence, if you want to be a partner with Angel Broking, you can choose one type from the list.

The categories or programs shared in the Angel Broking Sub Broker list are affordable or low investment business ventures that anyone can opt.

If you have a vast client base and have generic information on the Indian Stock Market concepts, tools, charts, products, etc., then you can quickly be a part of this broker that has the highest number of Sub Brokers in the country. 

Over 11000 sub-brokers are linked with Angel Broking, and this gives us an idea about their working environment, popularity, and services.

Jut in a few days, estimated to be 3 working days, you can complete the Angel Broking sub broker registration process, and by the fourth day, you will have your Angel Broking Sub Broker login credentials from BSE or NSE.

But, before moving ahead, let us cover vital information related to Angel Broking.

Perhaps, Angel Broking has a prominent name in the Indian Financial service sector and is well-known for its trading platforms and extensive tools. 

As a full-service stockbroker, it offers a wide range of trading and investment tools, comprehensive research, technical analysis of stocks, advanced charts, and other major functions performed by a trader and an investor. 

Besides this, Angel Broking offers its customers to buy and sell stocks, shares, or securities in various trading and investment segments.

These segments include equity, currency, commodity, derivatives (futures and options), mutual funds, IPO (Initial Public Offering), etc. 

No more wait! Let us have a quick glimpse at the Angel Broking Sub Broker list. 

Sub Broker List of Angel Broking 

The Sub Broker list of Angel Broking covers the three distinctive types of Sub Broker or Partnership model, and one can choose anyone depending on his requirement.

So, if you want to be a part of Angel Broking and earn well through their support, you must know the complete Angel Broking Sub Broker list.

Each Sub Broker program of the Angel Broking list has its own qualification criteria and requirements. Thus, before proceeding with the Angel Broker Sub Broker process, you must be well-aware of the eligibility criteria.

Angel Broking Sub Broker list includes the following categories- 

  1. Authorised Person
  2. Master Franchise
  3. Remisier

Let us briefly understand these categories mentioned in the Sub Broker list of Angel Broking. 

  1. Authorised Person

Authorised Person is the low investment partnership model offered by Angel Broking. 

But what exactly is Authorised Person? 

According to the NSE (National Stock Exchange)- An Authorised person is the Person who acts on behalf of a stockbroker and handles its business by assisting customers in their trading needs.

The functions and responsibilities of an Authorised Person are similar to a Sub Broker. 

Thus if you want to earn a lucrative commission and improve your growth opportunities, then you can opt for the Authorised Person from the Angel Broking list.

Authorised Person acts as a liaison between Angel Broking and trader or investor. He handles all the queries of the customer and also guides them in making the right decision of selecting the right stock.

Further, he offers guidance towards choosing the appropriate trading and investment segment.

With a minimum initial deposit of around Rs. 50,000 anyone can be an Authorised Person and can effectively work with Angel Broking.

Benefits of Angel Broking Sub Broker or Authorised Person

Some of the benefits related to the Authorised persons are as follows-

  •  Three Day Tag Creating method
  • Without any cost or payment, clients of the Sub Broker or Authorised Person can opt for a Demat Account facility
  • Flexible first investment amount
  • Within 5 minutes and through a paperless method, the Demat account is opened.
  • Indefinite and Best revenue sharing pattern.

Another category from the Angel Broking Sub Broker list is Master Franchise. 

  1. Master Franchise

Master Franchise is known to offer an excellent revenue model for the Sub Brokers, but the initial deposit amount is estimated to be quite higher than other categories of Angel Broking Sub Broker list.

Unlike Authorised Person, Master Franchise is responsible to deal with a massive range of customers in a fixed or particular region or territory. 

And, with such an extensive category comes greater revenue with a strong need for a good business framework.

Due to its outstanding features and solid revenue base, several people join this category from the Sub Broker list of Angel Broking. 

Some of the advantages of choosing the Master Franchise category from the Angel Broking Sub Broker list is as below-

  • Independent control over the area, region, or territory. 
  • The commission or revenue sharing model is quite flexible in this category. For delivering excellent results, one can avail a higher commission of up to 80%. 
  • If you don’t like to work with any superior head or boss, then this category from the Angel Broking Sub Broker list is perfect for you! As in this category, neither there is a boss nor competitor. 
  • Finally, with this program, you can explore wide areas of the finance market and can unleash unlimited business opportunities without any bosses, promotions, or titles. 

3. Remisier

The Sub Broker list of Angel Broking includes Remisier as a way to work with a strong Broking firm- Angel Broking. 

Remisier is the simplest and profitable partnership model whose primary role is to lead new demat account holders on the Angel Broking board. 

The commission is based on the number of new demat account holders or new customers that a Remisier creates. 

Thus, if you have good connections and effective communication skills, you can choose this category from the Angel Broking Sub Broker list. 

Although this category also requires a certain sum of amount however, it is entirely refundable in nature. Once the contract expires or terminates, the initial security deposit is transferred to the Sub Broker or Remisier account. 

The minimum commission given in this category is around 30% and can go high according to the deliverables. 

Some of the benefits of being Remisier with Angel Broking are shared as below-

  1. The initial investment in this category is very low and affordable.
  2. Remisier registration process is quick and easy. So, within a few minutes, your Remisier number is generated with login credentials.
  3. The commission given is comparatively high and also given on a regular monthly basis.


In a nutshell, we can say the Angel Broking Sub Broker list holds three main partnership programs named Authorised Person, Remisier, and Master Franchise.

Each of these categories has its own advantages, separate commission range, and serves distinctive features. 

If you want to handle clients and assist them in their trading journey, you can choose to be an Authorised Person. 

However, if you want to have a strong base set-up in a particular town or territory, you can choose the Master Franchise.

Here you will be required to open office space and hire staff that can offer support to the new and existing demat account holders.

And, you have a goal of generating more customers to the Angel Broking and earn a solid commission quickly, then you can choose Remisier from the Angel Broking Sub Broker list.

To keep you updated about the trading news, concepts, and tools, Angel Broking organizes seminars, workshops, webinars, etc. from time to time. 

No matter which category you choose, joining this well-reputed broking firm allows you to have access to the latest and cutting-edge platforms and also unleash vast sky to explore your business potential. 

In case you are looking to get started with your entrepreneurship journey in the stock market, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead:

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