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Trading and students don’t go hand in hand and usually when we think of trading, we picture someone all grown up, looking all formal. However, the dynamic has been changing these days and many students have started to take interest in trading off late which is why we have started to see some of the best trading apps for students. 

These trading apps are filtered with respect to:

  • User Interface
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Technical Indicators & Charts

So, without any further delay let’s dig deeper to understand the features of these apps and begin trading in the stock market.

Best Trading Apps for Beginners

No doubt, there are multiple apps available in the market offering seamless trading experiences but what student looks for is the simple UI, clean information, and above all minimum cost of using the app.

Here the cost directly implies the brokerage charged by a broker for using their trading app. As a student, you always want to trade freely, Right?

We understand your requirements and therefore come up with the list of best trading apps in India that offers you a safe, secure, and seamless trading experience.

These apps encourage students to trade at very low or zero brokerage since they can’t afford to pay too much brokerage at that stage. They also make their trading platforms more simplified and easy to understand and use for students. 

If you are someone who is still a student but have a keen interest in trading and therefore, looking for some of the most suitable trading apps for you, stay tuned till the very end of this article as we look at some of the best trading apps for students based on different parameters. 

1. Groww App

Groww, which is a discount broker, is one of the first names that come into your mind when it comes to trading with absolute ease. Well firstly, the trading app can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for iOS devices. 


Once you download the app, you need to sign up, or in other words, open a Groww Demat Account using your Email and Mobile number. The whole Groww Account Opening process where you have to complete an e-KYC is completely paperless, seamless, and free of cost, which is ideal for a student. 

Zero account opening charges, as well as, Zero account maintenance charges (AMC) are two of the best things Groww provides for its users, especially students. They can manage to have a Demat plus trading account for free of cost with Groww and they will have to pay money only as brokerage when they trade. 

Groww Brokerage Charges are also fixed  and one has to pay flat ₹20 for every executed order. 

Coming to the app and the ease it provides to the students, the dashboard after logging in shows an investor’s portfolio, market indices as well as the market movers such as top gainers and top losers.

Here are some of the top features of the app:

  • Simple UI
  • Easy placement of orders
  • Advanced charts and indicators for analysis
  • Quick execution of the order
  • Market updates on real-time basis.


Groww App Disadvantages

No doubt the app helps a beginner trader to begin their trading journey but at the same time, there are few glitches that makes it difficult for the user to gain a seamless trading experience:

  • Sudden log out from the app
  • Limited indicators
  • Do not allow to trade in commodity
  • Limited advance orders.

2. Kotak Securities App

Kotak Securities, a bank-based stockbroker has its own trading app with the name Kotak Stock Trading App, available on both the Google Play Store and App Store. This particular app is also a pretty convenient trading app for students. 


Sticking to our two main parameters – the charges and then the ease of trading using the app, we find Kotak Securities app one of the best trading apps for students. 

Talking about the Kotak Securities Charges first, Kotak Securities has a plan named Kotak Securities Zero Brokerage Plan where everything is free for the first two years for a person who is under 30 years of age. 

Now you’d expect the majority of the students to fall under the under 30 age category which means they’d be paying no charges for trading using the Kotak Securities app. 

Even though there is no account opening charge under this plan, there is a one-time subscription charge of ₹ 499 which you’d have to pay to subscribe to this plan for the next 2 years. 

Coming back to the Kotak Securities App, it provides a pretty good overall user experience. Although it doesn’t provide any dashboard when you log in, which might look odd. You get the dashboard after completing a few steps. 

  • Multiple watchlists that help students in listing and tracking their favorite stocks.   
  • Real-time market movements give a clear indication of the market’s health. 
  • SOR feature for those who are confused in choosing the right exchange for themselves. 
  • 15 different charts and more than 100 indicators for technical analysis of a stock
  • Heatmap feature to find companies in a bullish and bearish trend.

Kotak Securities Disadvantages 

While we have already looked at some of the positive features of this app, we will now only look at the cons, for students, here because it is understandable that like every other thing, it also must have some cons. 

  • Although Watchlist is a really good feature, getting it right after logging in is not ideal for a student who isn’t aware of what stocks to add and monitor as yet. 
  • After updates, a few of the features sometimes lag, which is a downside and classic case of “ right intention but wrong execution”.
  • Fund transfer is sometimes a hassle but still with different options of UPI and Net Banking you can easily transfer funds.

3. Upstox Mobile App

The third app that makes up the list of best trading apps for students is the Upstox app. Available on both the Play Store and App store, this “ Upstox Old app “ has been downloaded more than 10 million times which speaks volumes about its popularity. 

But is it really a student-friendly trading app? Let’s measure this on several parameters. 


Coming to the charges of Upstox first, while the account maintenance charge (AMC) is absolutely free for life, a user has to pay ₹ 199+ GST as the account opening charge. 

When it comes to Upstox Brokerage, the highest brokerage a trader has to pay on every order across the different trading segments is ₹ 20 with a minimum of 0.05% of the total trade value in the Equity Intraday and Equity Futures and 2.5% of the trade value in Delivery, which is pretty suitable for everyone, in any trading category. 

While the charges are quite fitting, the ease of trading using the Upstox app also plays a major role in deciding how good or bad this app is. 

  • With its watchlist feature, it lets a user add their preferred shares to the watchlist so that they could track their movements anytime they want. 
  • When you choose a scrip to look at its information, the app lets you know its high and low circuit which eventually informs you about the stock volatility which again, is important information, particularly for a student. 
  • For the technical analysis, you get 110-120 indicators that you can use on more than 10 types of charts. 
  • The app gives the option of applying in IPOs as well. 
  • Witha  1-week high, 1-month high, and 52 weeks high features, Upstox allows smart trading decisions. 

Upstox App Disadvantages 

While there are several positive and a few negative things about the app, talking purely from a student’s point of view, the user interface, the ease of adding funds, and the option of easily tracking their portfolio are certainly some of the plus points about this app. 

And of course, the app has technical indicators and several types of charts to back it up and help a trader analyze the stocks technically. 

When it comes to the cons, the speed of the app could be an issue at times. Also, the unavailability of Bracket Order is not a very regular thing to see among the trading apps. 


Students are normally referred to as “the future of the nation” because their growth dictates the nation’s growth. The same principle is applied to trading as well as the more students get involved in trading, the better it is for the future of stock market trading. 

However, for that to happen, it has to be ensured that the trading apps are made easy and convenient for students where they have a great experience. 

And in this article, we looked at three of the best trading apps for students which are not only convenient in their usage but also extremely affordable when it comes to pricing, making them extremely suitable for the students. 

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