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Fyers One

Fyers One

Speed or Performance

7.0 /10

Ease of Use

6.5 /10

Analysis Tools

6.0 /10

Data Accuracy

6.5 /10


6.5 /10


  • One of the Best Performing Softwares in Speed
  • Range of Technical Analysis Tools
  • Deep Accuracy in Data


  • Requires Decent Configuration
  • Still New in the Market

Fyers One – Introduction

Fyers One is a terminal based trading software from Fyers, a leading discount stock broker in India. The trading platform is known for its high performance and speed to go along with some pretty useful features. Clients can download the software can install on their desktop or laptop to carry on with trading.

Fyers One is known for providing an environment conducive for technical and fundamental analysis with the help of different charting, display and number based features that are unique to this particular software and have not yet been introduced in other trading terminal softwares.

Fyers One Features

Here are some of the top features of the software:

  • Charting with more than 60 indicators for your technical analysis. It also provides historical EOD data of up to 5 years and intraday data of last 30 days. Charts can be used even for spot indices. Charts are available in different time frames:
    • 1 Minute
    • 5 Minute
    • 10 Minute
    • 15 Minute
    • 30 Minute
    • 60 Minute
    • Custom time frames

  • Provision to add upto 10 market watch lists across segments, industries, trading products etc

  • Stock Screeners‘ feature allows you to figure out the relevant information from huge chunks of market data displayed
  • Free access to market information with the latest info on IPOs performance, news, world market, board meeting updates etc
  • Market Meter‘ helps you to see which stocks are taking the market up and which ones are bringing it down.

  • A quick check on Top Gainers and losers of the day across indices.

  • Availability of EOD reports on a regular basis, without you being wasting any time in extracting data

  • Trading signals help the clients to make quick judgments and hit the order execution at the right time.
  • Understand market and stock trends with the help of ‘Trend Scanner

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Fyers One Disadvantages

There are few concerns in using Fyers One software:

  • Heavy sized trading software, thus, needs relatively better configuration for smooth operation
  • Relatively new in the market as compared to other mature terminal based trading softwares such as Tradetiger or Zerodha Pi.
  • Mac iOS version not available yet. So clients with apple desktop or computers cant access the software.

Fyers One Advantages

Some of the advantages of using Fyers One software include:

  • You can perform quick technical analysis by features such as Heatmap, Index meters, stock screeners etc. This can prove very helpful in case of making the best of the market opportunities at the right time. With Heatmaps, you should be able to figure out that is working the most and the least across sectors and industries.

  • The ‘Portfolio Simulation‘ feature allows you to learn about stock market trading without paying anything. It’s basically a simulation of the stock market that gives to a real-time experience of stock trading.
  • Data displayed is much more accurate than most of the other trading platforms offered by stockbrokers.
  • Very few crash reports submitted as compared to other trading platforms.
  • Intraday Recovery‘ feature helps intraday traders to get a quick glimpse of stocks with highest intraday falls and recovery trends. This feature is helpful for people who are looking to make quick gains but don’t have resources to take quick judgements.
  • One of the best softwares out there that help you to perform your technical analysis. No need for integrating third-party softwares anymore.

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