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To earn more in a risk-free trading environment, IIFL Virtual Trading is an integral part. Through Virtual Trading one can overcome the excessive financial burdens and can increase his personal wealth.

By adding the stock market into your investment plan, you can easily diversify your portfolio. Hence, you will always earn profit even if any of the plans gives negative effects or gives you loss. 

IIFL Virtual Trading is highly crucial as it helps you in understanding the online trading process by creating customized strategies and techniques to learn and increase your profit effectively.

IIFL virtual trading platform is easy to use and simple to understand provided by IIFL Securities, one of the prominent full-service stockbroking businesses in the country.

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IIFL Virtual Trading Features:

Here is a quick look at some of the top features while you use IIFL Virtual Trading:

  • One of the most considerable features of IIFL Virtual Trading Platform is that it is user-friendly, which means that all the processing is designed in a simple and easy way so that a new user can access it without any hassle.

  • Another feature of IIFL Virtual Trading is its services are free of cost along with free trading tips. No one has to pay anything to use the IIFL Virtual Trading platform or their Virtual Trading Apps. 
  • IIFL Virtual Trading games and apps are globally recognized. Anyone can download their app from any state of India or even from other countries too. 
  • The very next important feature of the IIFL Virtual Trading Platform is that it is quite effective, fast, and accurate in providing real market charts and statistics. All the important and advanced statistical data is given as per the current market data to allow users to learn stock market. effectively.
  • Through a single app or platform, you can learn and work with all stocks like equity, derivatives, mutual funds, commodities, currency trading, IPOs, and much more with detailed dashboards.

  • Using the IIFL Virtual Trading platform, you can invest across multiple indices such as BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX, etc.
  • Being a full-time stockbroker, IIFL Virtual Trading provides extensive research on nearly 150 registered companies. 
  • You can add any stock, derivative or even a mutual fund in your virtual portfolio like you’d actually do based on the current market price.

IIFL Virtual Trading Types:

There are two types of Virtual Trading in IIFL Markets through which a trader or a player can learn about real stock markets and these are as below:

  1. IIFL Virtual Trading Platform
  2. IIFL Virtual Trading Apps

IIFL Virtual Trading Platform: Through IIFL Virtual Trading, a trader can have access to a real-time stock market where some amount of virtual money is provided once the registration is done.

A trader can analyze and study the stock trade without the risk of investing his real money. Traders will have access to a plethora of stock market supplies such as stocks, equity, derivatives, mutual funds, commodities, and a lot more.

IIFL Virtual Trading Apps: IIFL provides excellent apps for Virtual Trading.

One such IIFL Virtual Trading Apps is IIFL Markets where the player learns and has deeper insights into the stock market by playing games. Players compete with one another to earn more profit as compared to others by using virtual money in stocks investment.

Why should a trader opt for IIFL markets?

Let’s talk about some quick reasons that may push you a bit towards using IIFL Markets:

  • IIFL provides innovative and cutting edge platforms for trading to its customers. Furthermore, the traders can open Demat accounts in simple and easy ways through IIFL account opening process tutorials.
  • IIFL offers comprehensive and in-depth real market data across multiple stocks such as futures, options, currency, equity, commodities, etc. The data and charts are guaranteed to be accurate.
  • Through IIFL, you can easily check your portfolio’s performance and generate daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • IIFL is a one-stop solution for smart investment plans. It offers diverse services in markets, mutual funds, wealth, loans, etc with detailed dashboards for Indices, commodities, and currency.
  • IIFL provides customizable watchlists in BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX, etc to deliver exceptional trading experience.
  • Trading tips are the other reason to choose IIFL as your stockbroker. Their trading tips are helpful in improving trade strategy and earn more profit.
  • Investors can easily view advanced technical charts. They can quickly draw, analyze, and study charts- Bollinger bands, MACD, RSI, and Moving average.
  • The home screen of IIF is quite impressive as it gives users accurate global and local market data along with a highly advanced widget to track stocks hassle-free. 
  • IIFL also offers its customers a free notification alert option from where an investor can view current stock news, price alert, and IIFL ideas.
  • IIFL gives live access along with in-depth coverage and comprehensive analysis of the different companies, economy, and the financial market- globally and locally
  • You can apply to IPO and OFS through the paperless and hassle-free way just by using your smartphone.
  • An investor can add, modify, or cancel the orders with a few taps and can also check the status of the pending items with ease.
  • IIFL Markets is one of those best intraday trading apps that offers free research across different stocks, industry sectors, and NSE / BSE companies. At present, it allows research of over 500 listed companies.Once you open an Account with IIFL, you enjoy all the perks along with the IIFL DP ID.


IIFL Virtual Trading app is an excellent platform to understand the Indian stock market trends and create personalized techniques after learning from trial and error methods.

At present, more than 10 Lakh Android users and iPhone users are registered with the IIFL markets app which clearly states that its a one-stop solution for all the investment requirements. It offers international as well as local level trading information with deeper insights into trading stocks. 

In addition to offering a complete package for buying and selling commodities, equity, futures, options, currency, IPOs, NCDs, and much more it also provides live TV, web, and app trading platforms.

If in case you are looking to get started with stock market investments while you try Virtual trading, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead:

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