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Algo Trading is all about the execution of trade in the stock market based on predefined criteria using computer programs. Being in demand Algo Trading NSE has made certain interventions to bring transformation in the trading world.

With the introduction of the concept of algo trading, NSE started offering co-location server ‘racks’ on lease. This helps brokers to bring improvement in the speed of trading.

At the time, some of the domestic firms to which NSE offers the server in lease were:

Later on, many more adds on to the list.

Here is how NSE is contributing towards the Algo Trading since it is introduced.

Algo Trading Software for NSE

Algo Trading also called Algorithmic Trading it helps in high-frequency trading that involves buying and selling thousands of shares in milliseconds.

It involves the specific rules by considering some of the pre-defined conditions of Entry or Exit.

Algo trading is completely automated and it all means to include the software that is created to execute the buy or sell orders automatically as certain parameters are being fulfilled.

Some of the languages used by the software are AFL, MQL, C++. Python etc.

In all, it has been viewed as the major constituting factor with nearly 40% of the overall NSE volume.

There are some of the software that offers the information in the real-time NSE, MCX that automates the trading system that helps in making investing more profitable.

Some of the commonly available software for NSE are:

1. Algo Trader – Algorithmic Trading Software NSE, MCX, F&O

The software has some of the basic features like:

  • Automatic process of buying, selling and stop loss.
  • Automates the trailing stop loss
  • Setting profit for static and dynamic
  • Auto trading or manual trading
  • Handling buying and selling transaction
  • Trading with real cash or demo cash
  • Managing risk
  • Robotic understanding for the user
  • Automatic handling for network and order error
  • Portfolio management

2. Automated Trading-NSE, MCX, BSE, F&O

It is a free real-time trading strategy for NSE, MCX stock market. This is helpful in making the investment more profitable.

Here are some of the top features of the software that make it different from others:

  • Automatic buying, selling and stop loss.
  • Automatic trailing stop-loss
  • Auto trading or manual trading
  • Handling buying and selling transactions
  • Trading using own strategies
  • Managing risk
  • Robotic understanding
  • Handling network and order error automatically
  • Text to speech capability and a lot more.

3. RoboTrade – NSE, MCX, BSE, F&O

The software offers the unswerving real-time Robo trade.

Here are the top features of the software:

  • Automating the process of trailing stop loss
  • Single-click order with less than 1 sec
  • Auto or manual trading
  • Buying and selling transaction handling
  • Trading using own strategies
  • Buy signal notification
  • Auto trading with 95% success rate
  • Robotic understanding
  • Robotic system for artificial intelligence
  • Chart Drawing Layers
  • Multiple Chart Template
  • Multiple Chart Layer

Algo Trading Strategies

Well, the software is important to initiate the algo trading process, but it is equally essential to understand the process of automating the trading strategies.

Since now we are able to understand that automation helps the trader to improve the speed and accuracy of execution, enhancing scalability, bringing higher discipline, etc, now it’s the time to execute the steps in the right direction to get the desirable results in hand.

Here are the few steps that NSE follow to automate the algo trading strategies:

  • Gathering Data: NSE avails the data to the broker and trader by assessing the current market status and also by analyzing the historical data if required.
  • Conducting Research: NSE makes use of the best research tools and packages that offer good research ideas that eventually help traders to get the best trading ideas.
  • Creating Algorithm: Here the role of software comes into play. The software available these days ease this complex task that reduces the step of coding and avail the algorithm that further helps traders in building their strategies.
  • Backtesting of Strategy: NSE makes use of historical data and other data-set to backtest their strategies.
  • Streaming Live Data: After successful backtesting, NSE stream the live data that is used up by the broker and exchange vendor using their respective APIs.

Python Algo Trading NSE

Python is the best and the most preferred language that has been used to do algo trading.

NSE offers the algo trading results using Python and by utilizing different apps and software available.

Here we are considering Zerodha Kite to explain how Python is playing a great role in Algo Trading NSE.

To get started, in need to:

  • Sign up with the Zerodha Trading Account
  • Register for the Kite Connect Account
  • Log in to the Developer account of the Kite
  • Start using the platform for creating own strategies.

In all python, algorithmic trading, NSE has helped in building statistical models with the help of available libraries like Pandas, NumPy, PyAlgoTrade, etc.

Bottom Line

The algo trade NSE makes use of different data points to empower its decision-making process. With the right use of cycles, volume, ratios, trends, volatility increases the probability of providing positive investment results.


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