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Zerodha, a leading discount broker, has always come up with innovative projects that have proved beneficial for its clients. Zerodha Kite Connect is one such invention that has changed the way of India’s trades.

Moreover, it is the first market APIs concept for Indian retail clients.

Dig deeper to learn more about this innovative product of Zerodha.

Kite Connect

Kite Connect is a revolutionary feature that allows total control of your trading account and data. This event is one of its kind in India’s brokerage history.

One can customize his trading and investing experiences rather than being confined to the default frontend. 

This truly paves the way to limitless opportunities. Besides, Zerodha kite connect has had a great significance on the broking industry by lowering costs, bringing in transparency in trading, and simplifying things for clients.

One can use Zerodha Kite Connect with a programming language of their choice namely- Excel VBA, Python, Java as well as command-line console, etc. 

With this, they can place/manage orders, build risk modeling systems, quant-based strategies, stock screeners, equity stock selection models, do backtesting and much more.

They can even customize their Zerodha Kite and Zerodha Pi.

Zerodha Kite Connect API

An Application Programming Interface, abbreviated as API is a software interface that facilitates communication. In simple words, it is a set of programming instructions that can access a software application. 

Zerodha Kite Connect API is an interface linking the trading platform to third-party software. In this, data flows to and from your Zerodha trading account and a third party platform. 

Kite Connect API offers level 2 data and is not a TBT data (ticked by tick data). That said, Kite Connect and Zerodha’s Pi Bridge are two different things. 

The Pi Bridge is a trading system interface used to fetch the data on Zerodha Pi. It makes decisions and pushes orders. However, you need to give a manual confirmation to all these.

Zerodha Kite Connect, on the other hand, forgoes the confirmation step. Besides, the Historical Data API is an add-on to the Connect feature that facilitates fetching historical prices as well.

It is great for startups planning to create innovative trading platforms. Also, retail traders can benefit from Zerodha Kite Connect API by automating their trades using algorithms thus moving towards algorithmic trading

Using Zerodha Kite Connect, you can buy and sell through your Zerodha trading account. You may place buy or sell orders from platforms like Amibroker, MetaTrader, Python, etc.

Also, know about IOC in Zerodha that allows you to set criteria where the order gets executed or gets canceled if not met the set criteria. This type of order allows you to earn profits. You can avail this feature in validity order section of the app.

Zerodha Connect API Documentation

Zerodha Kite Connect has several APIs that create a great investment and trading platform. Orders are executed in real-time, you can stream live market data over WebSockets, and do much more. 

It uses standard HTTP codes to indicate success and error states. Moreover, these API endpoints cannot be called directly from browsers because they do not have cross-site request enabled.

Zerodha API Charges

For startups, Zerodha Kite Connect is absolutely free. However, for retail clients, it comes at a subscription of ₹2000 per month. 

Moreover, this  API based data interface i.e. Kite Connect can be used by Zerodha’s current account holders as well.


To sum up, Zerodha Kite Connect is a set of APIs that are capable of building a massive investment cum trading platform.

The Zerodha Kite Connect is a product of the API plugin for the Kite trading platform. It’s set of APIs are built on the Kite platform itself.

This gives the investors programmatic access to this platform thereby enabling them to customize their trading platforms. 

Zerodha Kite Connect Frequently Asked Questions

In what follows, discussed are the topmost queries of Kite Connect.

How to use Zerodha Kite connect API?

Firstly, you must be well versed in software programming to use the Zerodha Kite connect API. In case you are not familiar with the same, you can get it done from somebody who is skilled in this trait.

Kite Connect is part of Rainmatter’s initiative which funds & incubates innovative startups

Will Zerodha help in coding strategies using Kite API?

The answer is no. Zerodha does not assist with such API strategies via phone or their ticketing system. 

However, you can post your Kite Connect API queries on the Kite connect forum. Here, a community of other Kite API users, as well as developers, may assist you.

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