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Astha Trade is one of the well-known discount brokers in India which has been providing its services for the last 20 years. Let us discuss account opening charges for different segments in Astha Trade. Also, in this detailed review, we will discuss Astha Trade brokerage and other charges about which an investor or trader must know before initiating any positions.

Astha Trade Brokerage Charges

Charges for opening a demat account = ₹300 + Service Tax

There are annual maintenance charges (AMC) for demat account. They are also ₹300 + service tax

Charges for opening a trading account for equity and futures and options segments = ₹500

The trading account charges include service tax charges. These are one time charges that last for the lifetime.

Charges for opening a trading account for commodities are also ₹500 which include service tax charges.

There are no annual maintenance charges for either equity or commodity trading account.

Whenever a transaction occurs in the stock or currency market, there are different kinds of charges that the trader needs to pay. Brokerage charges need to be paid to the broker through which the transaction has been done by the client.

These charges make quite significant distinguishing factor among several brokers existing in Indian markets. These charges are decided by the SEBI registered brokers themselves.

Then, another major part of costs incurred by the trader comprises of other charges which are irrespective of the broker and is collected by the government of India. There are transaction charges like STT / CTT, SEBI charges, DP charges, stamp duty etc. that need to be paid to the government.

Astha Trade Brokerage Plans

Just like almost every other broker, Astha Trade also offers more than one type of brokerage plans. If one opens an account with Astha Trade, there are two kinds of brokerage plans from which a trader can choose one.

Let us discuss the details of those 2 brokerage plans one by one:

1. High Leverage Plan 

Now, let us discuss all the details of Astha Trade Brokerage charges for different segments under high leverage plan.

Astha Trade Equity Brokerage Charges

Here are the details on the Equity segment:

Furthermore, here are the details of the derivatives segment:

Astha Trade Currency Brokerage Charges

Here are the details on the Astha Trade brokerage and other charges for the currency segment:

No STT / CTT charges are applicable for currency futures or options trading.

Astha Trade Commodity Brokerage Charges

Here are the details on the Astha Trade brokerage and other charges for the commodities segment:

For MCX Intraday and MCX Carry, Astha Trade Brokerage charges are 0.01% or 1 paisa for every trade.

Please note that there are some common charges that apply to each and every segment like GST, SEBI and stamp charges.

GST applicable is 18% on the sum of brokerage and transaction charges.

SEBI charges are ₹15 per crore.

Stamp duty depends on the state where the account holder’s residential address is.

In addition to these charges, a DP charge is also payable whenever there has been a sale of shares from one’s demat account. They are ₹18.5 + 18% GST. In total, DP charges become ₹21.83 for every scrip.

2. Low Brokerage Plan

Other than the brokerages and margins, the rest of the charges would remain the same under low brokerage plan. Let us look at the different brokerages under this plan and a comparison of margins under both the plans.

The Astha Trade brokerage calculator can be checked before entering every transaction to know the details of charges and brokerages.

Now, let us look at the leverage Astha Trade Brokerage gives its clients for different brokerage plans.

It is advisable to check the details on the margin/exposure page available on Astha Trade website to know the exact margin requirements for any trade.

Before going ahead with trading with Astha Trade Brokerage, one should also have a look at some other terms of the company which have been discussed below:

Astha Trade Terms

Here are some set of terms that you need to take care of while you look to invest using the services of Astha Trade:

1. For any trading done on the National Stock Exchange and the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX), minimum brokerage charges can be ₹10 per lot.

2. For any trading done on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX), minimum contract charges can be ₹30 per daily contract note.

3. Unlike some other discount brokers, the facility of call and trade facility on Astha Trade is free.

4. Delay Payment charges are 15% per annum. They do not allow debit after T+5 days.

5. One can apply for extra margin by pledging one’s shares. This is called margin against shares facility. The pledging and unpledging charges are the higher of the two – 0.04% or ₹50.

6. The payin securities charges are the higher of the two – 0.05% or ₹25

7. Astha Trade’s UPI Paying charges are ₹10 for every transaction.

8. Astha Trade brokerage Charges for Auto Square Off is 0. An auto square off of trade is done when a trader has not squared off his / her intraday position before the end of the day. This is another good feature of Astha Trade.


Astha Trading is one of the best and most experienced discount brokers in India.

An account can be opened with Astha Trade after paying the account opening and maintenance charges. It offers two kinds of brokerage plans – high leverage plan and low brokerage plan.

There are different kinds of charges applicable on each transaction that is done in equity, currency, commodity or derivatives market. Some charges are broker specific (brokerages) and some are standard government charges.

One should check the brokerage numbers of both the Astha Trade brokerage plans and determine one’s own trading requirements to decide which plan to go for.

Astha Trade brokerage costs are competitive in the market. In terms of costs involved in trading, it has an edge over its competitors for not having charges for calling and trading facility and auto square off feature.

One should always remember to check out the brokerage and margin/exposure page on the website of Astha Trade before entering any transaction to know the details of all the charges and margin requirements beforehand.

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