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Even though you get to open a demat account absolutely free of cost, when you trade using the trading platforms available, you still have to pay Anand Rathi brokerage. This often concerns every trader as it involves paying a brokerage charge from your own pocket.

Wondering how much brokerage you have to pay to this stockbroker we are talking about? 

In this article, we will look at Anand Rathi brokerage charges in detail with examples so that you know how much brokerage you are paying the next time you trade with them. 

Anand Rathi Equity Brokerage

Since Anand Rathi is registered with both BSE and NSE, it offers an Equity trading option to the traders by charging a nominal brokerage. Let’s look at the Equity brokerage charges one by one. 

As a full service broker, Anand Rathi charges a small percentage of the total trade value as its brokerage commission. 


Anand Rathi Equity Delivery Brokerage 

Let’s begin by understanding Anand Rathi charges for delivery trading, which is 0.2% of the total trade turnover. 

To understand this better, let’s take an example. 

Imagine Shyam purchased the stocks of a company worth ₹50,ooo, and a few days later, he sold all the shares for ₹70,000, making a profit of ₹20,000. However, he still would have to pay delivery trading brokerage and it would be calculated on the total trade turnover, i.e, ₹1.2 lakhs. 

The brokerage Shyam had to pay in this case was 0.2% of ₹ 1.2 lakhs, i.e, ₹240

Anand Rathi Equity Intraday Brokerage

Intraday trading is defined as purchasing and selling securities within a trading day. The brokerage charged on this type of trading by Anand Rathi 0.02% of the total trade turnover. 

Consider the situation, where you buy 1000 shares of the company worth ₹100 each and sell them at the rate of ₹105 each. Here the total turnover value would be 2,05,000. 

Calculating the brokerage it will be ₹41.0.

Anand Rathi Equity Futures & Options Brokerage

The futures and options brokerage in Anand Rathi is 0.02% of the turnover value and ₹50 per lot respectively.

So here, if you buy 1 lot of ITC to trade options, then the brokerage would be ₹50 and for trading in multiple lots, let’s say 5 lots, ₹250 will be applicable. 

Anand Rathi Currency Brokerage

The next important trading segment offered by Anand Rathi and its brokerage charge we are going to focus on is currency trading. There are four sub-segments of currency trading.

The brokerage in currency trading is the same across the trading styles and it is 2 paisa or 0.02% of the total trade turnover for currency futures and ₹20 per lot for options trading. 


Anand Rathi Commodity Brokerage

Having been registered with both the commodity exchanges MCX and NCDEX, Anand Rathi offers its clients the option to trade in Commodities as well. The brokerage in commodity trading varies according to the segment.

For Futures & Options trade, the brokerage is 0.02% of the turnover value.

Here is the detail of charges in the table below:

Anand Rathi Brokerage Calculator

Even though all the brokerage you have to pay for trading across segments with Anand Rathi has been clearly mentioned in this article, you will also be paying some additional charges each time you trade and you should keep these charges in mind.

  • Anand Rathi Securities and Transaction Tax (STT)
  • Anand Rathi Transaction Charges
  • Stamp Duty
  • Anand Rathi DP Charges
  • GST

These five charges are mostly hidden from a layman trader and you need to be aware of these charges. When you trade-in commodities, this Securities and Transaction Tax changes into Commodity and Transaction Tax (CTT). 

You can either calculate your brokerage including these additional charges or you can use a simple brokerage calculator that looks like this and put the values to let the calculator do the job for you. 


With the benefit of a free Anand Rathi demat account, you can also reap the benefit of trading at the minimal brokerage of 0.02% with Anand Rathi.  

However, the brokerage seems to be slightly on the higher side in the Equity Delivery and Equity Futures & Options segments where the traders have to pay ₹50 for one lot of shares. 

If your trading style is made for short-term investing, then Anand Rathi is a very good stockbroker option for you. You can make lots of profits by paying not too much brokerage from your pocket. The brokerage might bother you in case you are looking for long-term investments or Equity F&O trading.

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