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If a person keeps his/her money in conventional methods of investing like a fixed deposit(FD) or a recurring deposit(RD) in a bank, the returns would not even be able to beat inflation.

Motilal Oswal head office is in Mumbai. It’s easy to find Motilal Oswal near me through the branch locator. Motilal Oswal Intraday gives the perk to its clients to buy and sell the shares on the same day.

Trading in stock markets seems to be a lucrative area where good returns can be earned on one’s investments.

Motilal Oswal intraday trading refers to making intraday trades through Motilal Oswal’s trading account.

Intraday trading means buying and selling of securities within the same day. In order to make profits from intraday trading, traders try to buy at lower prices and sell later at a higher price during the day.

Similarly, intraday trading can be done by selling first at higher prices and then buying later at lower prices.

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In order to make such trades, you need to have a trading account with any of the registered brokers. Motilal Oswal is one of the leading stockbrokers of this country.

Motilal Oswal Intraday Limit

Every broker is different in terms of the leverage it gives to its clients for different segments. The exposure or the margin requirements of brokers should be checked before deciding to open a trading account with them.

Motilal Oswal intraday trading limit is up to 30 times which is quite good in comparison to other brokers in the country.

In simple words, it means that if a broker provides an intraday limit of up to 30 times.

It means that if a person has Rs. 1 lakh in his / her trading account, he/she can make trades the worth of which can be 30 x Rs. 1 lakh which is Rs. 30 lakh.

This is advantageous to the traders but can also prove to be risky, if not managed properly.

You just have to submit the account opening form along with the required documents like copies of your PAN card, Aadhar card, passport, bank account statements, etc. to start trading through Motilal Oswal.

Motilal Oswal Tips For Intraday

Motilal Oswal is a full-service broker and provides other services than trading platforms to its clients.

Motilal Oswal intraday trading tips have also been shared with people on their website which can be easily accessed by everyone. Let us discuss some of the Motilal Oswal intraday trading tips here –

1) The first Motilal Oswal intraday trading tip is to never trade in volatile markets. That is because it is extremely difficult to trade when we cannot predict the direction of the market.

2) Then, the next Motilal Oswal intraday trading tip is to do balanced risk management in trading.

First, on all, you must determine how much amount of risk you are willing to take in each trade depending on the capital you are using and the risk appetite you have. 

3) No words are enough to stress the importance of having a stop loss in every trade that you make in intraday trading. 

4) Another trading tip says that you should never make a trade solely on the basis of the recommendation of a research analyst or a message being sent on your phone regarding intraday trading tips.

5) If you are not aware of the current happenings that could be affecting a particular sector or the overall market, you might get stuck in the wrong trade.

6) One of the most important things to consider while doing intraday trading is determining the momentum. For this, traders need to learn how to evaluate the data of futures and options.

You can also consider learning about technical analysis and different technical indicators that help in identifying the correct opportunities for initiating and squaring off the trades.

7) Keep a proper record of all your trades along with the outcomes of them. Doing this would help intraday traders in analyzing where they went wrong and how that particular loss could have been avoided.

8) One of the most important Motilal Oswal intraday trading tips is not to try to cover all your losses by making more trades. It is a common rookie mistake. Overtrading always leads to losses. Just apply your strategy afresh with every trade.

9) One of Motilal Oswal’s intraday trading tips to intraday traders is to study about the company’s business and performance before trading in it.

10) The ultimate rule of doing intraday trading seems very simple but very difficult to practice at all times. The most important thing is to formulate a strategy that suits your needs and risk appetite and stick to that strategy at every instant of your trading during the day.

If one overcomes hope, greed, and fear in the stock market, he/she has more chances of succeeding at it.

Also, the Motilal Oswal Research team provides different types of reports to its clients, such as Daily Reports, Weekly Reports, Industry Reports, India Strategy Report, and many more. Why not try Motilal Oswal Free Demat Account facility to get into the facility of trading.

Also, Motilal Oswal Intraday Margin is high as compared to other brokerage houses. Intratrade with Motilal Oswal and enjoy their high margin facility.

If still have any doubts regarding intraday trading, you can read How To Do Intraday Trading In Motilal Oswal.

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Motilal Oswal intraday trading can be done by opening a trading account with them. You can open a demat as well as a trading account with them and start trading in your account. They provide an intraday trading margin of up to 30 x. 

Motilal Oswal intraday trading tips are also to look forward to. They really need to be studied and grasped properly before one actually starts to trade in stocks. You need discipline and practice in trading to become successful in it.

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