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Motilal Oswal, the full-service stockbroker, allows traders to trade in futures. But before getting into a trade, it is essential to grab complete information on Motilal Oswal futures brokerage. 

It is already known that to get into futures trading; the trader has to deposit a certain margin in their trading account. But apart from this, the broker charges specific fees to execute the trade in the segment. 

So, if you are willing to trade in the equity, currency, or commodity futures with the broker, then you have to pay the fees of 0.05% per trade

The charges have been tabulated below:

Apart from the above-mentioned Motilal Oswal brokerage, the broker offers a plan that minimizes brokerage charges and thus helps you to save money.

Motilal Oswal Value Pack

The Value Pack comes up with different options. Thus, you can end up paying the least brokerage by paying the corresponding upfront fees. 

Here is the detail of the upfront fees and Motilal Oswal futures brokerage:

*Apart from the maximum limit, the minimum brokerage is futures is 1 paise in Value Pack.

Let’s make this information simple with an example. 

SITUATION 1: Let’s assume you trade in futures with Motilal Oswal having a turnover value of ₹2,o0,000. So as per the Standard Brokerage Plan, the brokerage charges would be:

Standard Brokerage Plan (0.05%)

Total Turnover (₹2 lakh)

(0.05% of ₹2 lakh= ₹100)

SITUATION 2: But now, if you opt for the Value Pack Plan of VP10KLT (upfront fee of ₹ 10,000) then here the brokerage would be:

Value Pack Plan (0.025%)

Total Turnover (₹2 lakh)

(0.025% of ₹2 lakh= ₹50)

Motilal Oswal Brokerage Calculator

Now apart from the above brokerage fees, the trader has to pay certain other charges like STT charges, stamp duty, GST, Sebi fees, etc. Confused? 

To make it easy, here is the Motilal Oswal brokerage calculator that makes the overall calculation seamless. 

Not only the brokerage, the calculator evaluates the overall profit or loss percentage you incurred in a particular trade. 


So, now trade in futures at the least brokerage with Motilal Oswal. Being a full-service you can reap the leverage of research tips and ideas to pick the right stock to trade in the futures. 

Before getting into the trade, check, compare and evaluate the brokerage fees to maximize profit.

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