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On this shubh avsar of Diwali, the share market is also coming with the big billion deal where the traders will be allowed to trade for one hour, under Muhurat Trading. But what will be the charges that will be levied on the traders as a brokerage? For that, why not let’s go with this informative piece to gather the details of Muhurat Trading Brokerage of different stockbrokers

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Muhurat Trading 

The festival of Diwali brings a lot of joy and new opportunities. And now you can make your Diwali more prosperous with the share market as well. The Muhurat trading gives you an opportunity to trade on this auspicious day and earn benefits. 

It marks the beginning of Samvat, i.e. Hindu’s New Year. The traders, usually prefer to invest in commodities like gold, which is considered a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and wealth.

After grabbing the information on Muhurat Trading, now let’s start checking out the Muhurat Trading Brokerage after discussing the timings of the same. 

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Zerodha Muhurat Trading Brokerage

Starting with the best discount broker in India, Zerodha, allows its customers to start trading with the stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX by using its best trading platforms.

Therefore, with the Zerodha, get the opportunity to trade under Intraday, Futures and Options, Commodity Trading with ZERO brokerage.

Apart from Zerodha, now let’s check the brokerage charges of different stockbrokers in the following segments.

Angel Broking Muhurat Trading Brokerage

With the hybrid stockbroker, Angel Broking, get the opportunity to trade under Muhurat Trading, where the broker will charge the normal brokerage fee that is being charged on buying and selling the order.

To check the exact details over the Angel Broking Muhurat Trading Brokerage, let’s review the following table.

After Zerodha, another discount broker that appears in the list is 5paisa. After selecting the preferred brokerage plan among Ultra Trader Pack and Power Investor Pack, the trader will be charged the brokerage from the broker.

5paisa Muhurat Trading Brokerage

These packs offer the brokerage a flat fee of ₹10 per trade, whereas, under the standard brokerage plan, the broker charges a flat fee of ₹20 per trade.

To start Muhurat Trading with 5paisa and check the brokerage charges, let’s dive inside the following table!!


Motilal Oswal Muhurat Trading Brokerage

Motilal Oswal is a full-service stockbroker and also allows the traders and investors to trade in Muhurat Trading with either Standard Plan or Value Pack Plan.

To check the Motilal Oswal Muhurat Trading Brokerage, let’s get the details in the following table.


Upstox Muhurat Trading Brokerage

And here comes Upstox with the opportunity to trade in Muhurat Trading. To gather shagun on the trading day, it is essential to gather gist about the Upstox Muhurat Trading Brokerage. 

To gather the information on the same, without wasting more time, let’s dive into the following table.


Muhurat Trading Timing

The brokers offer one-hour trading to the traders and investors to gain extra profits from the share market.

Therefore, the time of Muhurat trading starts at 6:15 pm and ends at 7:15 pm. In this particular one hour, a trader can execute the orders and keep the profit in their pockets. 

Between 6:00 pm to 6:08 pm, the market plans the 8-minute pre-opening session for the order collection and order matching period.

Moreover, in intraday trading, the open positions are required to be closed or squared off 15 minutes before the share market closes.

Whereas, in Muhurat Trading, the After Market Order for equities will be collected till 5:57 pm, whereas for the F&O segment, it can be placed at 6:10 pm.

But the main query that remains in the head of the stockbroker is Muhurat Trading Brokerage. If the same concern is revolving around your head, too, then why not let’s start grabbing the information on the same.

As said, it is time to pen down the Muhurat Trading brokerage charged by different stockbrokers.

For that, dive into the following segments in detail!!

Is Muhurat Trading Profitable?

Muhurat Trading can act beneficial for the traders who execute the orders timely within the given one hour starting from 6: 15pm to 7:15 pm.

Proceed with the various Muhurat Trading rules that can support earning more on the auspicious day of Diwali.

Moreover, select the right stock from the top sector for Muhurat trading as per the risk appetite along with the trading types that suit you the best.

Hence, it can be proved beneficial for the traders to trade vigilantly under Muhurat Trading.


By choosing the stocks for Muhurat trading, a trader can gain more returns with the registered stockbrokers. Therefore, if the same is your concern, why not start trading with the execution of the order on this golden day. 

Before that, collect the data on Muhurat Trading Brokerage of various stockbrokers.

Gather the opportunities while opening the demat account with the stockbroker. Simply enter the details in the following table and open the account while being on the phone call.

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