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SAMCO is a discount broker based in India. They aim to provide you with a simplified version of the complex trading & investing market.

SAMCO group enables its users to trade in BSE, NSE, and MCX-SX. As SAMCO is a member of the mentioned exchanges, it offers a discount broking trading account. It also provides its customers with a Demat account as SAMCO is a depository member of CDSL.

The most attractive stand-alone USP of this company, from a long list, is the savings on SAMCO brokerage. It offers one of the lowest rates of brokerage in the market.

Open SAMCO Account Online and know about its Brokerage Charges.

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Let’s discuss this in detail, shall we?

SAMCO Brokerage Charges

In the process of trading, a long list of charges is to be born by the trader – Clearing Member charges, Brokerage Charges, Exchange Transaction charges, GST, Stamp Duty charges & Securities Transaction Tax. 

Some of these charges vary at the broker’s end; rest are either fixed by the government or the regulatory bodies. Interestingly, SAMCO brokerage charges for trading are meager & suitable for traders who wish to trade in small amounts.

You can have a better understanding of fees and charges with the Samco Brokerage Calculator.

SAMCO Intraday Brokerage

SAMCO offers Intraday Trading. In intraday trading, traders buy & sell the shares the same day. The brokerage charges for this trading is almost negligible.

In this, the SAMCO brokerage charges are decided based on whichever is lower among these – ₹20 for every executed order or a predecided 0.02% of gross turnover.

Thus, SAMCO Trading is easy with the brokerage.

SAMCO Delivery Brokerage

SAMCO presents a variety of trading & Delivery Trading is one of them.

Delivery trading provides the investor with complete possession of the stock bought. These stocks are deposited in the respective Demat account & stay there till the investor decides to sell them which could be in a week, a month, or years altogether. 

The profits can be earned if the best Delivery Trading Strategy is chosen.

The SAMCO brokerage charges for trading is 0.2% or ₹20 per executed order, whichever is lower.

SAMCO Option Brokerage

SAMCO extends Option Trading to its customers. This opportunity gives the trader a facility to opt-out of the legal agreement to buy/sell a product that is otherwise not available in Futures trading.

SAMCO brokerage charges for this trade is either ₹20 for each order executed or 0.02% of notional turnover. The trader pays the lower amount of these two.

SAMCO Futures Brokerage

SAMCO’s customers have the option to trade in Futures. 

While trading in Futures, the investor has to speculate the fluctuations of the commodity or security. The SAMCO products or any financial instrument is then sold or bought at a price predecided.

If you trade in Commodity you can know about its SAMCO Commodity Brokerage.

SAMCO Brokerage Rate on Futures Trading is decided by choosing the lower amount of the two – ₹20 on every executed order or 0.02% of the gross turnover.

SAMCO Brokerage Plans

SAMCO doesn’t offer a lot of plans as of now.

Currently, there’s only one plan for trading with SAMCO. If new programs are announced, we got your back, Jack. They’ll be uploaded at the earliest.


Reviews of Customers at SAMCO

  1. Ketankumar Gordhanbhai Bhandari

He calls the SAMCO brokerage rate as revolutionary in the Indian Stock Market.

      2. Dilip Kumar Chanani

Comfort is that word that expresses his experience with SAMCO & brokerage in SAMCO has eased his tension.

      3. Olympus Trading And Advisory LLP

They have described the SAMCO brokerage charges as profit saving. In their experience, SAMCO has increased its profitability & has been referred to a lot of their clients.

      4. Milind Laxmanrao Aglawe

He puts SAMCO brokerage charges excellent. Further, SAMCO treats all of its clients equally & follows democratic principles.

Also, if interested in earning by referring then partnering with SAMCO Sub Broker is a great platform for you.


A trader looks for a broker that helps him out while trading but has the least brokerage charges. SAMCO is the name people recall in this regard. From transparent costs to favorable trading conditions, it offers a complete SAMCO brokerage kit.

Below is the list of some FAQs regarding this broker.

  1. What are SAMCO brokerage charges?

Although SAMCO Brokerage charges vary for Intraday, Delivery, Futures & Options trading, they are close to nothing when compared at the gains one can make. 

Details of the SAMCO brokerage charges for trading are listed in the above table.

       2. What is intraday brokerage charges in SAMCO?

SAMCO brokerage structure is simplified to the levels that even a newbie won’t be confused in this regard.

SAMCO Intraday brokerage is either ₹20 on every order executed or 0.02% of the gross turnover, whichever is lower. 

       3. When is brokerage deducted in SAMCO?

Brokerage Deduction varies. Some tend to deduct it before the trade commences; others prefer after the trade is successful.

SAMCO brokerage charges are deducted after the order is executed.

       4. How to check SAMCO brokerage charges?

To check brokerage charges, you can either check it in the table above, updated with the latest changes, or can use the SAMCO Brokerage Calculator.

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