Groww Transaction Charges 


Groww allows its users to execute brokerage operations without any account opening and account maintenance charges. Also, it doesn’t impose any hidden charges on them. However, one might reasonably question, “Are there any Groww transaction charges levied on users?” Yes, there are!

Transaction Charges in Groww App

Here, we have presented all the information about various transaction charges levied by the Groww app in the table below: 


Apart from a minimal amount of Groww F&O charges and equity brokerage, these are the Groww app transaction charges that users have to bear. However, users need not pay Groww payment gateway charges at all.

Basically, Groww submits this collected amount to the stock exchanges in the form of fees. 

Also, there are other regulatory and statutory charges that traders need to pay. The list includes stamp duty, SEBI turnover charge, demat transaction charges, investor protection fund trust charge, etc. 

To calculate the total fees for any trade, you can use Groww brokerage calculator. 


Summing up, we would say that if you are a Groww user then you have to pay certain Groww transaction charges as stated in the table above. 

And the percentage of these charges varies in case of delivery, intraday trading, futures and options. Note that users are not liable to pay any Groww BTST charges for buying and selling shares on a short interval of time. 

Also, keep in mind that how much Groww charges for selling stocks or buying stocks varies in different trading segments.

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