Groww Payment Gateway Charges 


Groww app facilitates the use of different payment options for its users to make payments. Often, people speculate about Groww payment gateway charges before investing on this platform. Let’s discuss if Groww levies any such charges on users or out. 

Payment Gateway Charges in Groww

From the above table, it is clear that Groww payment gateway charges are zero. Is it a great thing? Well, yes it is!

And that’s one of the factors why new users prefer Groww over other similar platforms. As a result, its market share has increased drastically over time. 

In 2023, Groww’s market share stands above 20%. Given the level of comfort it provides to its users, it is likely to shoot up even more. 

Where Groww’s counterparts charge some amount, no Groww payment gateway charges are levied on users in India.

For example, Zerodha charges Rs. 9+GST as payment gateway charges from its customers. Similarly, other investing mediums also take some money from their users while making payment. 

So, Groww users need not pay any amount while carrying out transactions. And they can enjoy paperless payment options in a seamless manner. 


So, in a nutshell, we can say that Groww is an excellent medium to invest for beginners and seasoned investors. It revolutionizes its services in a timely manner. Charging no payment gateway charges from customers is one of initiatives that separates Groww from its competitors. 

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