Groww Pledge Charges


Thinking of pledging your shares in Groww? Wait, are you aware of the Groww pledge charges? If not, then here is the detail that you must be aware of!

Charges for Pledging in Groww App

Pledging of shares is generally to avail more capital to open a profitable position in the market, but at the same time, unwanted charges can reduce your profit margin. 

Talking about pledge charges in Groww, there are no such fees charged by a broker. Hence you can book high profit. 

Isn’t this a great thing? Well, yes it is!

However, you must keep in mind that you need to pay a small amount of 20 + GST per request per scrip basis while unpledging. 

Groww Pledge Charges 
Pledge Charges  0
Unpledge Charges  ₹20 +GST

Now it is clear to you that Groww pledging charges are zero. That means, you are not liable to pay any charges or interest on the margin you obtain through pledging of shares in the Groww app.

However, you will have to pay some extra charges if you fail to maintain sufficient pledge balance in your Groww app. These are as follows:

Cash Shortfall

If you fail to maintain 50% of your traded margin in the Groww balance, then this situation is called cash shortfall. And in this case, you will have to pay some charges as a penalty. 

Negative Balance

Next, if your Groww balance reduces less than your opening balance, then you are liable to pay a daily charge of 0.045% + GST. 


Finally, we would say that investors and traders need not pay any Groww pledge charges. However, they may be subject to the payment of some charges if they fail to maintain sufficient Groww balance. 

We hope you gained sufficient information on this subject. For more informational posts, keep visiting us!

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