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Commodity Trading Books play a critical role in preparing traders for the real world of trading. The commodity trading books have the potential to provide all the theoretical information regarding fundamental and technical analysis, indicators, do’s and don’ts along with the practical experiences of the seasoned traders.

Learning is a continuous process, it never ends.

Even when a person is experienced enough, there is still a lot that he may not know and can learn. Same is the case with Commodity Trading or any other form of trading.

Whether the trader has just started out or has been in the business for years, there is always something new on the block that he can learn, to add up to his knowledge. Trading is a risky and challenging domain.

It has the potential for giving high profits but at the same time, if not managed well, trading can result in wiping out the entire capital of the investor in one go. Therefore, before entering into commodity trading or any form of trading, the investor must prepare himself well with tips on commodity trading. You can read Motilal Oswal Commodity tips before starting your journey in it.

You can opt for commodity trading courses in India and learn from the course online at your ease access.

The preparation must be in the form of gathering as much knowledge and experience as possible, either by reading or talking to experienced traders or by doing practice trades.

Top Commodity Trading Books

Even if the trader is experienced enough himself and is sure of his capabilities, it may still be helpful to him to read through the commodity trading books from time to time to expand his horizon and add others’ experiences and approaches to his mental database.

There are many stock market books that provide an excellent source of knowledge and information about commodity trading and can prove to be highly beneficial for the traders to sail through.

Five of the must-read commodity trading books based on the ratings and book reviews are:

A Trader’s First Book on Commodities: An Introduction to the World’s Fastest-Growing Market:

It is one of the most practical commodity trading books. It is authored by Carley Garner who successfully introduces one to commodities trading. The author understands the kind of preparation a newer needs before entering into the commodity trading business and she addresses the frequently-asked questions by newcomers in order to explain the mechanism of commodity trading.

Garner has had years of experience with traders of all experience levels, so she has well explained the risk levels, capital requirements and the other intricacies. The book has been updated to include all the ongoing changes in the market, including new commodity trading tools, platforms, data, risks and challenges.

There is a special mention of the failure of MF Global and PFGBEST and the learning outcomes from the failure, including new risks and implications for investors. All the updated information regarding new charts, impact on commodity trading due to events in Europe, along with practical examples, have been incorporated, along with technological advancements.

It is a perfect book for new commodity traders as well as for those who want to keep themselves updated with the current market scenarios.

Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World’s Best Market:

The book, authored by Jim Rogers, is one of the most exhaustive commodity trading books.

The writer has a vast experience in commodities trading himself and has managed a successful commodities index fund. He has poured that practical experience into the book by the means of detailed and easy to understand information. The book contains the basics of commodity trading, starting from the basic laws of demand and supply and how they affect the prices of commodities.

This book gives a fundamental understanding of the commodities market, along with cyclical and historical trading patterns. It is an excellent book for the traders who want to take advantage of the vast opportunities presented by the commodity market, which is unique, along with mentioning all the associated risks and how to manage them.

The unique feature of the book is its uncomplicated approach towards understanding the complications of the commodity market, along with giving details on how to make profits and limit losses.

If you want to listen the summary or the major points covered in the book then this is one of the free audio books on stock market that help you in understanding commodity market.

Higher Probability Commodity Trading:

This is another one of the excellent commodity trading books, authored by Carley Garner.

This book is an advanced book with more complicated analysis and details.It is a comprehensive guide to analysis of the commodity market, how to develop strategies, how to manage risks and how to favourably shift the odds of success.

In this book, the author has explained the relevance of commodity trading over options and futures and has discussed practical techniques and tools to trade efficiently in the competitive commodity market. The highlight of the book is that it demonstrates a synergetic approach in bringing together fundamental, technical, seasonal and sentiment analysis to be able to predict the changes in the market price of the commodities.

It also demonstrates the mathematical techniques for commodity trading. Thus, the book is mainly for the experienced traders who understand the basics but want to obtain more knowledge regarding the combination of various analysis techniques to predict movements more accurately in order to make more profits and reduce the associated risks.

The New Case for Gold:

The book, written by James Rickards, is one of the most specific commodity trading books with respect to gold as a specific commodity. This book emphasises the value of gold around the world and in commodity trading.

The book explains how gold is an excellent asset and is an important wealth preservation tool, along with being a store of wealth and a standard of currency. The author has specifically focused on case studies and monetary theories to prove the importance of gold as a commodity, with reference to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

The special characteristic of this book is that it is concise and factual and is based on sound economic principles, and all the important points are well explained using real-life examples and case studies.

36 Strategies for Striking it Rich in Commodity Trading:

This book is one of the most comprehensive strategy-oriented commodity trading books. Authored by Ashu Dutt, one of Asia’s leading investment managers, the book reveals the 36 secret commodity trading strategies that successful traders use but do not usually disclose.

These strategies and techniques are perfect to give a professional edge to both new and seasoned traders. The author talks about the actual truth behind the commodity trading mechanism, the supply and demand and it offers details about how to trade commodities using fundamentals, range, breakouts, cycles and trends.

Mr Dutt gives real-life examples to show how to pick commodities that offer big profits and also the specific technical indicators that work and do not work while trading commodities. The book gives detailed information regarding various types of charts which show specific characters of each commodity and numerous strategies that are specific to commodities like oil, agricultural commodities, metals and others.

The book also addresses the risks related to commodity trading and how to deal with them, how to avoid the pitfalls and what is to be avoided. The most special characteristic of the book is the author’s personal experience that he has demonstrated to give practical viewpoints, real-life examples and anecdotes.

Thus, commodity trading books form an important part of the learning process of commodity traders. The market is ever changing and ever challenging, and the valuable knowledge from these books can help the trader learn more, from the theory, the practical examples and the personal experiences of the authors.

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